Application Process

Submit CASPA application

Transcripts/Application updates

  • Transcripts must be sent directly to CASPA.
  • Do not send additional coursework or experience information to the program unless specifically requested.

Interview Selection Process

  • Applicants are considered for an on-campus interview based on the strength of their CASPA application (meeting or exceeding the Admission Requirements relative to the applicant pool.)
  • The Admissions Committee holistically evaluates each applicant’s academic performance (i.e. course load and prerequisite coursework), GRE scores, professional preparation experiences, letters of recommendation, and personal narrative statement.
  • Applicants who meet minimum requirements will be considered for an interview. Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of interview or admission.
  • Applicants will be notified by email if they have been selected for interview with instructions on how to schedule their interview date.

Interview Day

  • Interviews are conducted during a morning or afternoon either from 8:00 am – noon or 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Sample interview day session. See Application Timeline page for dates of interviews.
  • The interviews are an opportunity for the program to learn more about the applicant than what can be gleaned from the application. The interviews are also an opportunity for the applicant to learn more about our program to determine if the USF PA Program is the right fit them.
  • During the interview, the applicant’s overall qualities will be considered. Areas of consideration include:
    • Judgment/Problem Solving
    • Insight/Self-confidence
    • Motivation to Become a PA
    • Understanding of the Role of the PA
    • Verbal Communication Skills
    • Professionalism