Goals: Measurements of Success & Outcomes

Goals Measurement of Success Outcomes

Recruit, retain, and successfully graduate high-achieving candidates of diverse backgrounds. 

  • Admissions data
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Deliver a robust, creative and innovative curriculum grounded in team based, inter-professional, and clinically relevant learning experiences. 

  • Annual curriculum analysis 

Published upon availability 

Graduate students who demonstrate preparedness for the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination (PANCE), with a first time pass rate at or above the national average. 

  • PANCE pass rate 

Published upon availability 
Encourage students to become committed to lifelong personal and professional development as a Physician Assistant through participation in professional organizations. 
  • Number of student membership to AAPA and FAPA.

  • Number of leadership roles in professional organizations such as student/faculty representative to the organization, chairing committees, elected position on the board of directors, etc.

  • Graduate survey 

Published upon availability 

Graduate students who effectively practice evidence-based, patient-centered healthcare in diverse medical communities. 

  • Graduate survey

  • Employer survey

Published upon availability