S.M.A.R.T. Community Education

Members of the SMART Institute have reached into the community to educate thousands of coaches, parents, teachers and supervisors of children who play sports. Community education topics include but are not limited to; Emergency Preparedness, Concussion, Exertional Heat Illness, ACL Injury Prevention, CPR and various sport specific safety modules. Please contact the SMART Institute for your sport safety educational needs.

The following organizations have recently benefited from our community educational efforts.

  • Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation, Conservation and Athletic Department., Hillsborough Co. Florida
  • Hillsborough County School District, Hillsborough Co. Florida
  • Hillsborough County STEM Program, Hillsborough County Florida
  • Pasco County School District, Pasco County Florida
  • National Alliance for Youth Sports
  • American Youth Football