Athletic Training Post-Professional Program

Student & Faculty Research

Student Publications

  1. Poole J, Stearns RL, Lopez RM. Heat Acclimatization and Prevention of Heat Illness in Youth Football. Strength Cond J. Published ahead of print, April 2017.
  2. Bedoya AA, Miltenberger MR, Lopez RM*. Plyometric training effects on athletic performance in youth soccer athletes: a systematic review. J Strength Cond Res, 2015;29(8):2351-60.

Student Projects & Presentations

  1. Lopez RM, Gorrell P, Del Rossi G. How accurate are weather conditions obtained from a commonly-used mobile weather application compared to measures obtained from a real-time monitoring device?  Oral presentation at the 2018 National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting, June 2018, New Orleans, LA.
  2. Swain KL, Lopez RM. Avasular necrosis in a 17-year-old male high school player following posterior hip dislocation. Presentation at the 2017 North Carolina Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting.
  3. Ward BL, Hanley M, Lopez RM. Sudden myocardial infarction in a 19-year old Division I football lineman with no prior indicators. Oral presentation at 2013 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. June 24-27, 2013.
  4. Ross RG, Neefe HI, Lopez RM. The Evaluation and Treatment of a Femoroacetabular Impingement in a Young Soccer Player: A Case Report. Poster presentation at 2013 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. June 24-27, 2013.
  5. Schmidt RMS, Companioni GR, Lopez RM. Unicameral Bone Cysts of the Proximal Femur with Subsequent Pathological Fracture: A Case Report. Poster presentation at 2013 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. June 24-27, 2013.

Recent Faculty Work

    1.    Lopez RM, Tanner P, Irani S, Mularoni PP. A functional return to play progression following exertional heat stroke in a high school football player. J Athl Train. 2018;53(3):230-239. Doi:10.4085/1062-6050.
    2.    Hall EA, Docherty CL. Validity of clinical outcome measures to evaluate ankle range of motion during the weight-bearing lunge. J Sci Med Sport. 2016; Nov23, [Epub ahead of print]
    3.    Hall EA, Simon JE, Docherty CL. Using ankle bracing and taping to decrease range of motion and velocity during inversion perturbation while walking. J Athl Train. 2016;51(4):283-290.
    4.    Stearns RL, Casa DJ, O’Connor F, Lopez RM. A tale of two heat strokes.  Curr Sports Med Rep, 2016;15(2):94-97.
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