Academic Staff

Chairman’s Office  
Cassandra A. Worley
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: (813) 259-8514
Email: cassandraworley@health.usf.edu
Anita Tolber
Department Manager 
 Phone: (813) 259-8518
 Email: atolber@health.usf.edu
Shelley Opila
Business Administrator
Phone: (813) 259-8512
Email: opila@health.usf.edu
Kaitlin Brennan
Assistant Director
Phone: (813) 259-0863
Email: kbrennan2@health.usf.edu
A/P Specialist
Phone: (813) 259-0832
Melissa Mancao 
Academic Services Administrator: Medical Student Educational Programs
Phone: (813) 259-8795
Email: mjmancao@health.usf.edu
Quincy Yott 
Academic Services Administrator: Fellowship & Resident Programs
Phone: (813) 259-8876
Email: qyott@health.usf.edu
Ivette Irizarry
Administrative Assistant
Reproductive Endocrinology Division
Phone: (813) 259-0962
Email: iirizarr@health.usf.edu
Wanda Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
Division of General Obstetrics and Gynecology & Midwifery
Phone: (813) 259-8542
Email: wrodrigu@health.usf.edu
Annette D'Aurora
Administrative Assistant
Division of General Obstetrics and Gynecology & Division of 
Gynecological Oncology
Phone: (813) 259-8527
Email: adaurora@health.usf.edu
Elisha Brown
Administrative Assistant
Division of Urogynecology
Phone: (813) 259-8671 
Email: elishab@health.usf.edu
Jennifer Warner
Administrative Assistant
Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine 
Phone: (813) 259-0828
Email: jrwarner@health.usf.edu