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Molecular Medicine



Current Student Profiles

The financial support from Molecular Medicine in the form of paid tuition and stipends enables me to pursue my doctoral degree. It also gives me the opportunity to attend conferences and learn from other researchers in the field. With the help of Molecular Medicine, I am able to work toward finishing my degree without any financial worries.
The financial support of paid tuition and biweekly stipends provided by the Molecular Medicine Department here at USF have given me the opportunities to not only pursue my dream of earning a doctoral degree, but afforded me to become financially responsible for myself. A balance that is vital coming from a limited single income household.
I am so grateful for being a member of the Molecular Medicine Department and for all the financial and moral support that you have given to me. The support has allowed me to experience the best education and training in scientific research, and repeatedly given me the strength to fulfill my dream. I would like to express my deepest thanks for the funding from all donors like you. Thank you very much!

Alumni Profiles

Many students have graduated from the Molecular Medicine program and have gone on to become successful physicians, teachers, scientists and entrepreneurs. Our alumni value the education they received and recognize how their research education and training was fundamental to their achievement. 

By giving to the Fund for Molecular Medicine, they can show their appreciation and ensure that resources are available to support educational and graduate training for the students of tomorrow.

The emergence of CTX-M Class-A extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, which confer resistance to a broad spectrum of antibiotics, poses a serious health threat to the public. Using structure-based drug design, we have been able to identify novel inhibitors that combat these mechanisms of resistance.
I am truly grateful for the mentoship as well as the financial support that I have received as a graduate student here in the department of Molecular Medicine.
The Department of Molecular Medicine provided during all my PhD training with excellent sources of education. The training is not limited to the laboratory experiences but also included conferences and lectures by international-known scientists, scholarships and workshops opportunities that helped me develop my greatest potential to be a successful scientist. But the most important part of this education is that they provided me with support and understanding during my tough personal life episodes. All these experiences kept me motivated to contribute in the research to eradicate Cancer.

Donor Profiles

Your gift to the Department of Molecular Medicine will make a difference in people's lives by supporting innovative research, education, and ultimately new scientific discovery.

The secret of our success and the key to our future growth comes, in part, from our internationally recognized peer-reviewed faculty and some of the best and brightest graduate and medical students in the nation.

Perhaps even more important are people like YOU—the generous donors and friends who make discovery and advancement possible.

The future of biomedical research in the US depends on the continued training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. As such, I am very pleased to provide support (please place fund name here) for postdoctoral fellow travel to scientific conferences to present their research, which is critical for productive scientific interactions with colleagues that, in turn, further enhances American science and research.
One of my passions is to give back and to provide opportunities for individuals who will grow and develop into future scientists. My hope is that this ethos will be embraced by others, eventuating a synergy in philanthropy and an enhancement of resources.
I give to the campaign to contribute to the success of our graduate students in becoming well-rounded and competitive scientists and health professionals.