Nephrology & Hypertension

Faculty, Fellows & Graduates

James A. Haley Nephrology Faculty Physicians

Open Position for Transplant Fellow Physician 2020-21

USF Faculty Physician - Renal Transplant Nephrology

  • Luis Beltran, MD

    Renal Transplant Nephrology Program Director

Nephrology Fellow Physician 2019-21

  • Juan  Jaller Char, MD

    1st Year Fellow
    University of Central Florida - Internal Medicine Residency 
  • Catherine Kigonya, MD

    1st Year Fellow
    Hospital of Saint Raphael-Internal Medicine Residency
  • Fernando Moran, MD

    1st Year Fellow
    University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Internal Medicine Residency  
  • Rafael  Valenzuela Tapia, DO

    1st Year Fellow
    Palmetto General - Internal Medicine Residency
  • Sameer  Alqassimi, MD

    2nd Year Fellow/Chief Fellow
    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Internal Medicine Residency  
  • Octavio  Chavez Herbas, MD

    2nd Year Fellow
    SBH Health System - Internal Medicine Residency    
  • Michelle   Cofan Hernandez, MD

    2nd Year Fellow
    Hospital de la Concepcion - Internal Medicine Residency
  • Sumit Gupta , MD

    2nd Year Fellow/Chief Fellow
    Wyckoff Heights Medical Center - Internal Medicine Residency