Hospital Medicine

Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers, MD

Assoc Professor, College of Medicine Internal Medicine

Contact Info 5 Tampa General Circle
HMT 750
Tampa FL 33606

Academic Email:

Academic Phone:(813) 974-2271


  • MD, Medicine, University of South Florida, 2011

Recent Publications

  • Myers A. A’ Patient. Cuentos.. , 2013.
  • Myers A. A Case of Need. Cuentos.. , 2012.
  • Oxner A, Myers A, Sinnott J, Sajdak J, Thompson P, Myers C. Non-Inferiority of a Novel Silver-Impregnated Dressing for Central Venous Catheters: A Retrospective Cohort Evaluating Rates of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Adult Intensive Care Patients (meeting abstract) Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). : October 19-23, 2011, 2011.
  • Jackson-Rosario S, Cowart D, Myers A, Tarrien R, Levine RL, Scott RA, Self WT. Auranofin disrupts selenium metabolism in Clostridium difficile by forming a stable Au-Se adduct. Journal of biological inorganic chemistry : JBIC : a publication of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 14(4) : 507-19, 2009.
  • Jackson S, Calos M, Myers A, Self WT. Analysis of proline reduction in the nosocomial pathogen Clostridium difficile. Journal of bacteriology. 188(24) : 8487-95, 2006.