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Mission Statement

We are committed to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

The University of South Florida Adult Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) provides comprehensive care for adult patients affected by bleeding disorders including Hemophilia A and B, Von Willebrands disease, and other Hematological disorders. Our multidisciplinary team consists of two (an) adult hematologist, infectious disease doctor, nurse specialist, physical therapist, and a social worker. We provide referrals to outside services which include a nutritionist, dentist, oral surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, OBGYN, geneticist, and psychologist. We are committed to provide(ing) the highest quality of care to our patients.

Our services range from medical treatment, counseling and support, to pharmacy services for clotting-factor replacement. We also provide ongoing support for our patients and their families through educational activities outside of the clinic.

If you need care or evaluation for any disease of the blood we will be delighted to see you and welcome you to our wonderful program. If you have recently moved to Tampa Bay area or have graduated from a pediatric clinic and need to establish care with a hematologist, we have the expertise and resources to help you.

What to expect on your clinic visit

Thank you for planning to attend our hematology & comprehensive hemophilia treatment clinic at USF. Comprehensive clinic may last several hours but the information and care you gain is worth the time you spend in our clinic. Since your appointment may last a couple of hours, please bring a magazine, book or toys for children just in case there is a gap of time in between medical providers. If you cannot attend your appointment, please let us know so we can schedule someone else who may be on the waiting list. 

This handout summarizes the role of the care providers you may see in clinic and gives you an idea of how your appointment will go. 

Upon arrival, you will need to stop at the front desk for registration (insurance, contact information, consent forms and to update any change in name or address). You can will then be seated in our patient waiting area where you will be called back to have your vital signs taken and go over any medications you may be taking. Please bring either an updated list of medications you are taking or bring the actual medication bottles with you if, you prefer. 

You will then be seated in an examination room where your comprehensive team will begin rotation, through to speaking with you about different aspects of your care. The following is a list of people you may see during your visit:


  • Responsible for medical management of your bleeding disorder

Hemophilia & Thrombosis Nurse

  • Nursing Assessment of general health and bleeding-related problems
  • Patient and family education
  • Development and coordination of patient plan of care and evaluation of home therapy

Social Worker

  • Psychosocial assessments, supportive counseling, counseling resource referral, assistance with employment or insurance problems
  • Assess insurance coverage for bleeding disorder needs

Infectious Disease----Physician

  • Medical management of patients with Hepatitis, HIV (including vaccinations)
  • Screens for liver damage, Hepatitis A,B,C and HIV

Physical Therapy

  • Performs assessment on musculoskeletal and functional status
  • Develops exercise programs
  • Refers to outpatient clinic for physical therapy if needed

Pharmacy Program

A Pharmacy Dedicated to Your Needs

The University of South Florida’s Hemophilia Treatment Center's (HTC) 340B Program is a clotting factor related pharmacy that is dedicated to serving our patients. The 340B is a federal program that provides clotting factor to patients at significantly reduced prices. Benefits include:

  • Significantly lower cost of factor concentrate - Lower cost of concentrate lessens the likelihood of reaching lifetime caps on health insurance coverage
  • Revenues support the treatement center, thereby preserving the high level of care and services provided
  • Consistent, fair and reduced pricing for all clients
  • Access to an experienced pharmacist who specializes in the care of patients with bleeding disorders
  • Access to pharmacy services 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week
  • Access to all factor products available on the market

Find Out if You Qualify For the 340B Program - Call Hazina at 813-974-4088 and Enroll Right Away!

Additional resources for our Hemophilia patients can be found here and here. We are also partnered with TGH and All Children’s Hospital.