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Hematology Fellowship


Hematology & Medical Oncology Fellowship

The Hematology and Medical Oncology Fellowship Program's two primary goals are:

  • To train fellows who have a strong desire and aptitude for an academic career involving basic science or clinical/translational research, teaching and patient care.
  • To train outstanding Hematologists and Medical Oncologists, who will contribute to future knowledge about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers and blood diseases.

The training program will provide comprehensive training in a broad spectrum of areas of basic laboratory, translational and clinical research designed to provide the fellows with strong foundation for a successful career as a medical educator and researcher.

It is the philosophy of this training program that medical oncology and hematology subspecialty practitioners and consultants must have a strong background in the scientific basis of the subspecialty. Thus, all trainees must have substantive exposure to the methods and conduct of clinical and/or basic research. Fellows are educated and counseled in a manner designed to promote a life-long commitment to reinforcing and updating their knowledge of basic pathophysiology, recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances in hematology and oncology. Fellows also must participate in fostering advances in knowledge about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neoplastic and hematologic disorders by conducting and supporting clinical investigation.


We strongly promote academic research for our Hematology/Medical Oncology fellows with ample opportunity for clinical research, basic science research, quality improvement, etc.

In the first year of fellowship, we help to facilitate meaningful mentorship among the new incoming fellows and our faculty.

Our fellows are successful in their research endeavors and publish results of their research in the top medical journals and present their data at numerous national and international scientific meetings.

We encourage and support our fellows in applying to and attending clinical research workshops such as ASH CRTI and ASCO Vail.