Digestive Diseases and Nutrition

SpyGlass ® Cholangioscopy

SpyGlass endoscopeSpyGlass® direct visualization system is used in conjunction to ERCP (see ERCP tab for details). The instrument is attached to the standard ERCP equipment as seen in the diagram. After ERCP is performed, the SpyGlass procedure will follow. Your preparation and recovery for this procedure are not different from those for ERCP. The duration of the procedure is longer but is still considered an outpatient procedure that is done at Tampa General Hospital GE (GastroEnterology) Center.

Bile ductWhile ERCP provides adequate diagnostic x-ray imaging of the bile and pancreatic duct systems as well as the necessary treatment, SpyGlass® enables the endoscopist (the physician performing your procedure) to directly visualize the bile ducts and obtain better biopsy (sample) specimens of suspicious lesions or tumors. Also, the system allows for direct fragmentation of bile or pancreatic duct stones (lithotripsy) using laser beam or other methods not usually performed during standard ERCP. Although ERCP is usually an adequate first step to diagnosis and treat most bile and pancreatic ducts diseases, SpyGlass® can later be suggested if ECRP falls short of providing this information. Your physician will discuss this option with you during your consultation.