USF Morsani Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

Morsani ImagingThe USF Morsani ASC is fully accredited and Medicare and Medicaid-certified outpatient surgery center located on the second floor of the USF Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare building. The center provides timely, convenient and comfortable surgical services to our patients close to their community, avoiding more impersonal venues like regular hospitals. The center is comprised of six state-of-the-art endoscopy suites; each one is equipped with the newest Olympus ® high-definition endoscopes and monitors and other accessories. The center is equipped with onsite instrument sterilization station.

Ambulatory Surgery CenterProcedures are usually (unless otherwise requested by the patient) performed under general anesthesia for maximal patient safety and comfort by board-certified anesthesiologists/certified registered nurse anesthetics (CRNA). Vital signs are continuously monitored and assisted as needed.

Typical procedures that are done at the center include many diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient endoscopic procedures such as upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, Bravo pH capsule monitoring, breath testing for lactose intolerance and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, small bowel capsule endoscopy, and SmartPill® GI Monitoring System.

Services that are provided during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures may include endoscopic mucosal biopsies, polypectomy (removal of polyps), submucosal injection of a variety of medications, mucosal marking, also known as tattooing, variceal band ligation, esophageal dilation (including achalasia dilation), fluoroscopy (examination under x-ray assistance), electrocautery (the use of electricity to eliminate lesions), argon plasma coagulation (APC) and various methods of control of internal bleeding.

Patients can make an appointment for a procedure at the Morsani Ambulatory Surgery Center by calling 813-974-2201.