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Eye Institute

USF Eye Institute


The residents at the Veteran's Hospital see 12,000 patients per year with a variety of ophthalmic problems. About half the clinics are for general ophthalmology and half are sub-specialized, with specific clinics in the fields of retina, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplastics and cornea/external disease. The general ophthalmology clinics are typically staffed by invited private ophthalmologists on the clinical faculty while the sub-specialty clinics are staffed by both the USF full time faculty and private practitioners. Surgery is performed three days of the week.

At Tampa General Hospital residents see 8,000 patients per year Including hospital, ER consults and three half days of outpatient clinic. All residents take emergency room call at Tampa General Hospital and see an ample amount of ocular trauma.

All Children's Hospital is a tertiary care pediatric facility. Surgery is scheduled three half days per week under the supervision of Pediatric Ophthalmology faculty.

Resident exposure to surgery increases begins in the PGY-2 year with a faculty-supervised wet lab and oculoplastics procedures. After demonstrating a level of competency, residents progress to perform certain intraocular procedures in the PGY-3 year. In the third year a large number of surgeries of all types are performed. Residents perform:

  • 200 plus Cataracts
  • 15 plus Glaucoma
  • 7 PKP Assists
  • 30 Plastics
  • 20 Retina Assists 
  • 100 plus Retinal Injections
  • 10 plus Open Globes
  • 60 plus Lasers for Glaucoma, Retina, and Posterior Capsular Opacity
  • 50 plus LASIK Assists


Pathology education is done onsite with our own ocular pathologist. Exposure to fluorescein angiography, electro-physiology, and ultrasonography is incorporated into sub-specialty rotations.

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