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Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

Chapter Election Process and Guidelines

Criteria for election into Gamma Chapter of AOA

  1. Top 25% of students will be eligible for election into AOA. This list will be provided by the Dean of Students and is based on those students with the highest numbers of honors in the clinical rotations. This list will also include STEP scores as well as any commendations received.
  2. One sixth of the total class may be elected into membership into AOA. Based on national by-laws, up to one half can be elected in their junior year, however due to lack of class rank, this will be limited to a small number of outstanding students. (Generally 4-6)
  3. An equal proportion of students from SELECT program will be eligible for election (top 25% of the Select student's eligible and 1/6 elected).
  4. Elections are in February and August each year.
  5. Students will receive an email informing them that they are eligible for membership. It will ask for their permission to have AOA committee review their academic performance and will ask for them to submit their service, leadership, research and other activities that they feel are relevant to the AOA committee for review. This can be in the form of a CV and they can include their personal statement.
  6. An alphabetized list of students will be sent to the clinical clerkship directors and current AOA student members to solicit recommendations. (highly recommend or do not recommend with space for comments)
  7. Ranked list of the students based on number of honors in the clinical rotations will be evaluated by the AOA councilor and shared with the AOA voting members via a SharePoint site.
  8. The number of honors in clinical rotations will be weighted the most for entry into AOA.
  9. The councilor, Faculty Advisor from LVHN and two voting members of the AOA faculty will review the CV's in advance of the meeting and will summarize the highest ranking students based on activities including service, leadership, research and awards.
  10. AOA faculty members should attend the meeting to vote. The meeting will be video conferenced to South Tampa and Lehigh Valley. As stated previously, the highest consideration will be given to those who have clearly excelled in clinical rotations; the other criteria will be used to assist the committee in finalizing decisions on those students who have similar number of honors and academic credentials.
  11. Students will receive email confirmation of their nomination.
  12. Registration through the national office is required once nominated. These students will be recognized at the annual induction banquet.

Criteria for selection of Resident and Faculty Members

During the February election, solicitation for nominees for resident, fellow, faculty and alumni will be sought. Residents and fellows who were elected as medical students to the Society are automatically members of the chapter of the medical school sponsoring the educational programs in which they are enrolled. In addition, each chapter may elect to membership in the Society each year up to three residents or fellows, after their first year of residency or fellowship. Such election shall be based on continued achievement and promise referred to in Article II and Article IV.

The provision for election by each chapter of up to two alumni/alumnae members and two faculty members each year provides a means of recognizing and honoring individuals who have distinguished themselves in their professional careers. Inasmuch as the number of individuals eligible for election in these two categories is limited, chapters should evaluate carefully the professional and personal stature of nominees.

  1. Alumni/Alumnae: Graduates of medical schools in which a chapter exists, who were not elected as students, residents or fellows, but who, after ten years of more following graduation are judged on the basis of achievement to be qualified, may be elected to membership in their medical school chapter.
  2. Faculty: Members of the sponsoring school's Faculty of Medicine who hold an earned doctoral degree (MD or PhD or equivalent) and have demonstrated a commitment to scholarly excellence and medical education may be elected to the chapter of that school.

National bylaws:

Those candidates whose scholastic qualifications place them in the upper twenty-five percent of their class shall be considered for election. From that number, one-sixth of the total number of the class expected to graduate may be elected to membership. Up to one-half of the quota for any class may be elected to membership in the spring of their junior year. Each chapter, each year, may determine whether or not to elect members from the junior class. Chapters may choose to elect all or a portion of their quota of student members at any time during the senior year prior to graduation. Each chapter is encouraged to save one or two positions in each class of students for seniors to be elected close to time of graduation, in recognition of notable achievements during the final year of undergraduate medical education. Criteria for election: Scholastic achievement should be the primary but not sole basis for election of a student. Leadership capabilities, ethical standards, fairness in dealing with colleagues, potential for achievement in medicine, and a record of service to the school and community at large should be criteria in addition to the academic record. These additional attributes will be weighted in the selection process by policies established within each chapter.