Remote Access Help FAQ

Find the question below which best matches the issue you're experiencing.  If you still need help after reading this page, call Shimberg Library at (813) 974-2243 (during hours of operation) for assistance.

BEFORE YOU CALL:  If you are experiencing login issues, please confirm that you can log into your USF Health email ( A failure to access your USF Health email indicates an issue with your USF Health account, and you should contact USF Health IS first at (813) 974-6288, or reset your password at

Most library e-resources, when accessed from off-campus (in some cases, anywhere outside USF Health), require login with either your {sliderlink What is my USF Health Account?}USF Health Account{/sliderlink} or your {sliderlink What is my NetID? Is there an alternative to using NetID?}NetID{/sliderlink}. You will be prompted for one or the other when you click on a link from the Shimberg Library home page, the library catalog, or the USF Libraries website.

Getting Started: Go to the Shimberg Library Home Page ( and select an eResource from the list in the lower left. You will be prompted to log in using your USF Health (HSCNet) Account. Use only the username from your username @ email address, and the same password you use to access your USF Health email.

Going Further: For access to specific online journals or other resources not in the Shimberg eResources list, click on “Library Catalog” (first link under “Library Resources” in the second column), and log in using your NetID. You may then search the catalog for a specific journal title or eResource.

You may encounter resources in the catalog that will request your USF Health login, because they are restricted to USF Health individuals. Otherwise, as long as you don’t close your browser, and access resources through the links on the library pages or catalog, you will be authenticated for access to USF resources available through the catalog or USF Libraries page.

The USF Libraries website ( also has a list of databases and a list of e-journals you can search.
Need More Help? If you need assistance with login issues, please contact the Shimberg Library Circulation Desk at 813-974-8432.

If you are successful logging in, but need help using the resources or conducting your research, the Shimberg Library Reference Desk is staffed 9-5 M-F and can be reached at 813-974-2288.

There is not always a simple answer to this question. For assistance, you may call Shimberg Library at (813) 974-8432 and let us know that you are having difficulties. We will do our best to talk you through a solution.

If the Library is not open, see the list of common login problems below, or read through the rest of these FAQs and see if you find anything that answers your question.

Some common login problems:

Caps Lock: Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the Caps Lock on your keyboard is off.

Are you using the right account?: Use the account specified on the login page (usually your {sliderlink What is my USF Health Account}USF Health Account{/sliderlink} or your {sliderlink What is my NetID Is there an alternative to using NetID}NetID{/sliderlink}).

Did you format your username correctly?: On the USF Health Account login screen, be sure to use only the username part of your username @ email address.

Account lockout: If your login fails repeatedly in a short span of time, your account may be locked for security reasons. Call Shimberg Circulation at (813) 974-8432, and we may be able to unlock your account. Otherwise, wait one hour for your account to unlock, and try again. Note that at some institutions, multiple users making failed login attempts can block the entire institution.

The eResources listed in the left column of the Shimberg Library website, if they require a login, will ask for your “USF Health or Shimberg Library Account”. If you have an active {sliderlink What is my USF Health Account}HSCNet account{/sliderlink}, use that username and password on this login screen. The “Shimberg Library Account” is for a very small number of individuals who have been provided a special proxy account for limited access to library resources.

When using the Library Catalog or the USF Libraries website, you may see a screen giving you the option to login using either your {sliderlink What is my NetID Is there an alternative to using NetID}NetID{/sliderlink} or your {sliderlink What is my 205…number}205…number{/sliderlink}. The option to use the 205# is an alternative available primarily for the small number of individuals who are unable to obtain a NetID. Once logged in with NetID or 205#, as long as you access resources with the links provided on the library website, you will have access to all resources available to the entire USF community.

Note that some resources can be found in both the Shimberg eResources list and the catalog (including the database and e-journal lists). If login is required, these will fall into one of two categories: (1) Resources which are accessible to the entire USF community will require NetID login from the catalog (or database or e-journals lists), while the link to the same resource from the Shimberg eResources list will require USF Health (HSCNet) login. (2) Resources restricted to the USF Health community may appear in the online catalog as well as the Shimberg eResources list – these will require USF Health (HSCNet) login regardless of how they are accessed.

Your USF Health Account, or HSCNet account, gives you access to the HSC network and an email account ending in “”. For login purposes, your username is the first part of your email address – if your email address is jdoe @, your username is jdoe. Your password is the same password you use to access your USF Health email.

For information on how to obtain a new HSCNet account, see  For more information on the HSCNet account, or assistance with the sign-up process, call USF Health Information Systems at (813) 974-6288.

Your NetID is USF’s “single-sign-on” account, used to access Canvas, OASIS, MyUSF, Parking and Transportation Services, and other online services. Your NetID, via the Library Catalog and the USF Libraries website, will grant you access to online library resources that are available to the entire USF community, but not those which are restricted to the USF Health community.

USF Health patrons should first apply for an {sliderlink What is my USF Health Account}HSCNet{/sliderlink} account before attempting to activate their NetID.

For more information on your NetID and how to activate it, see For telephone support with NetID issues, call USF (main campus) Information Technology at (813) 974-1222.

Alternative to NetID: USF Health patrons have the option, on any NetID login screen, to use either NetID and password, or their full username @ email address and HSCNet password. (This alternative does require that you have an active NetID. Newer HSCNet accounts will automatically have a corresponding active NetID. If you have an older HSCNet account, and your full USF Health email address & password do not work on the NetID login screen, you may need to activate your NetID first.)

The 205…number (or 205#) is a 14-digit number on the lower left of your USF ID card, and is your library card number, for purposes of borrowing books and other materials, and accessing your circulation record (for renewals, holds, etc.) via the online library catalog.

We encourage all Shimberg Health Sciences Library patrons to access library e-resources with their {sliderlink What is my USF Health Account}USF Health Account{/sliderlink}, or in some cases, {sliderlink What is my NetID Is there an alternative to using NetID}NetID{/sliderlink}. Access with 205# may be appropriate in certain circumstances, if recommended by a library staff member.

Your 205#, like your NetID, will grant you access via the Library Catalog and the USF Libraries website to online library resources that are available to the entire USF community, but not those which are restricted to the USF Health community.

Your record in the USF Libraries’ ALEPH system must be active (not expired) and free from blocks for your 205# to work to access online library resources. You must also have status as current staff, student or faculty. Your account will expire during any semester you are not registered for classes (for students) or will expire after your employment at USF ends (for faculty/staff). (Retired faculty and staff retain access privileges but we are unable to offer access to alumni.) If you are current staff/faculty/student but are still having difficulties, please call the Shimberg Library Circulation desk at (813) 974-8432.

For USF Health/HSCNet account:

USF Health IS cannot retrieve your password should you forget it.

If you have signed up for the IMPRESS password reset system, you may reset your password at Newer USF Health accounts are automatically signed up, so it’s worth a try even if you’re not sure you’re signed up.

If you can’t use IMPRESS and don’t mind waiting 1-3 days for your password to be reset, call the IS help desk at (813) 974-6288 and they will give you instructions on requesting a Change of Account Permission.

If you can’t use IMPRESS and need your password reset immediately, you will have to visit the IS help desk with a photo ID. The IS Helpdesk is located on the 2nd floor of the Faculty Office Building.

For NetID:

Reset your NetID password here:

For 205…number:

With your USF ID in hand, call the Shimberg Library circulation desk at (813) 974-8432. We can check that your account is current and, if necessary, reset your password.

For Shimberg Library Account (special proxy account):

Call the library at 813-974-8432

Closing your internet browser after login, or using bookmarks or emailed links may prevent electronic resources from recognizing you as an authentic USF user. After your initial login, always follow the links from the library website to ensure full access to the resources.

The library’s login screens will specify which account you are to use to log in. If you are logged in with NetID (via Canvas, for example), you may still be prompted to log in with your USF Health Account to access a resource which is restricted to the USF Health community. See {sliderlink Which account should I use to log in}Which account should I use to log in?{/sliderlink} for more information.

If you see a warning about an invalid security certificate upon logging in, or when clicking a link from the library website, you may safely ignore the warning and proceed past it.

All currently-registered USF Health students and all current USF Health faculty and staff have access to all the electronic resources that are featured on the Shimberg Health Sciences Library website, as well as the resources available through the USF Libraries website and the USF Libraries online catalog.

When cost has allowed, some resources purchased by Shimberg Library have been made available to the entire USF community – these have been incorporated into the USF Libraries site and online catalog. Others – particularly clinically-based resources – are restricted to the USF Health community to keep licensing costs within budget.

Due to contractual licensing restrictions, we are unable to provide access to alumni or unaffiliated patrons, except inside the Shimberg Library building. These patrons are welcome to visit Shimberg Library, where computers are provided for this purpose.

Every electronic resource that the library provides is available to eligible patrons from your home or any other off-campus location.
Some electronic resources set a contractual limit on the number of USF users who may access the resource at any given time. Once that limit is reached, anyone attempting to access the resource will receive a message such as “The maximum number of concurrent users has been reached” or “The maximum number of licenses has been exceeded.” When you receive such a message, it simply means that all available “seats” at that resource are taken, and you need to wait until a “seat” opens up. Wait 15 minutes, and then attempt to access the resource again. The 15 minute wait will ensure that any users who did not properly log out of the resource will be logged out for inactivity, and their “seat” will be made available.
You must set your web browser to accept cookies. Check the “help” feature of your web browser or contact USF Health I.S. at (813) 974-6288 for support.
No. Do not use third party proxies or web accelerators when accessing Shimberg Library eResources. Use of these may hinder your access to resources.
Yes. Most websites require the use of JavaScript. Make sure it is enabled. Check the “help” feature of your web browser or contact USF Health I.S. at (813) 974-6288 for support.
Maybe. Some sites utilize pop-ups. Browsers are capable of allowing pop-ups for individual sites. Check the “help” feature of your web browser or contact USF Health I.S. at (813) 974-6288 for support.
Please contact Shimberg Library at (813) 974-8432 if you receive an error regarding secure SSL connection and provide as much detail as you can regarding what you were doing when you received the error, and what the message says.
No. Use the library’s eResources links to be connected to resources via the library’s proxy server. This authenticates you as a valid USF Health affiliate, and is necessary to comply with the library’s contractual licensing restrictions.
Older browser versions may need to be updated in order to access Shimberg eResources. Also, the newest version of a browser may cause compatibility issues until the resource vendors update their sites to work with the new version. Frequent changes in browser versions and resource sites make it difficult for us to provide a comprehensive list of compatible browser versions.
Yes, but this is not recommended if you are using a shared computer. Also, if you later change your password from a different computer, you may have to clear your saved password to avoid account lockout. Check your web browser’s “help” documentation to find out how to clear saved passwords or contact USF Health I.S. at (813) 974-6288 for support.
The most likely reason is that your hospital’s network security (corporate firewall) may be set to deny our proxy traffic. (You may be able to initially access us, but not be able to proceed further, because our system is not allowed to interact with your hospital/institution network.) Contact your institution’s technology support staff to let them know you are experiencing problems.

The USF Health Remote Access Portal (Connectra) will grant access to library resources only through the eResources links on the Shimberg Library home page (

Access through the USF Libraries website (, the library catalog, the USF Libraries e-journals list, or the USF Libraries database list will not work, although you will misleadingly appear to be logged in for full access. To access resources through these methods, you must close down the USF Health Remote Access Portal (Connectra) and log into the USF Libraries website using your {sliderlink What is my NetID Is there an alternative to using NetID}NetID{/sliderlink} or {sliderlink What is my 205…number}205…number{/sliderlink}.