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The USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) provides hands-on learning experiences that improve clinical skills and patient care for professionals and students from the University of South Florida, local health care organizations, and around the world. 

CAMLS Without Walls  
The fast-paced life of most health professionals can make it difficult to attend formal training. To improve access to advanced simulations for essential health care personnel, “CAMLS Without Walls” brings its training to local facilities including hospitals, clinics, fire departments, schools, or even sports arenas, to allow providers to further their knowledge without straining the critical day-to-day operations of patient care. Partner with us today in supporting this program.

Virtual Patient Care Center  
The Virtual Patient Care Center features five hospital-grade patient rooms and six clinical exam rooms designed for professionals to learn new skills in a safe, supportive, and realistic clinical environment. By combining life-like mannequins or standardized patients (actors), with evidence-based simulation scenarios, learners work as individuals and care teams to practice applying their knowledge to specific situations requiring critical judgment and quick assessment under stress to successfully demonstrate hands-on proficiency.       

Surgical Skills Lab  
A 30,000-square-foot Surgical Skills Lab features leading-edge, clinical-grade technology combined with hands-on training in a totally immersive environment. As a world-class surgical training center, CAMLS offers up to 36 fully equipped surgical stations, with power, gases and suction for any specialty. Clients from across all specialties have numerous lab and room configuration options.   

CAMLS Interactive Education Center  
The 25,000-square-foot CAMLS interactive Education Center provides students and medical professionals with convenient access to the Surgical Skills Lab and the Virtual Patient Care Center for easy programmatic transition. State-of-the-art technology, concierge-level service and the ability to customize classroom, reception, exhibit and dining space, sets CAMLS apart in its ability to meet students and providers’ diverse meeting, learning, and conference needs.   

Improving Global Health Care   
CAMLS is dedicated to improving patient outcomes globally, including developing countries that lack adequate professional medical care. USF offers instruction, design, and implementation of health simulation training to improve global health care with its team of multidisciplinary experts.     

Engaging in Critical Training  
At CAMLS, we train members of the U.S. military, as well as local and foreign medical professionals, to be prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes. In emergency situations, it is critical that health care professionals and first responders be trained and prepared for these unfortunate situations in order to save lives.         

Collaborative Programs
There are many ways to collaborate professionally with CAMLS. We have the medical and educational resources to align with your organization’s social responsibilities, training requirements, and any innovative programs that will improve patient outcomes or inspire our youth to enter the medical profession while contributing to their education. Let’s work together for a better future!    

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To learn more about naming opportunities or other ways you can support team-based simulation training through USF Health, contact Arthur Santos at or 813-974-0356.

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  • USF Health CAMLS is one of the largest simulation centers in the United States
  • State-of-the-art, high-fidelity clinical environment including surgical skills labs, operating trauma suites, and patient exam rooms
  • Selected by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to be the dedicated training site for its women's health providers
  • Provides nationally and internationally recognized CME and CE courses
  • One of 18 simulation centers globally with all 5 accreditations from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
  • One of 98 American College of Surgeons Accreditation Education Institutes