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Department of Neurology

Shijie Song, MD U4666-0110

Shijie Song, MD

Assistant Professor & Research Scientist, Department of Neurology

Contact Info James A. Haley VAH Research 151, 13000 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa FL 33613

Academic Email:

Academic Phone:(813) 972-2000

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  • MS, Neurology, Xi'an Medical University Graduate School, 1983
  • MD, Xi'An Medical University, 1976

Academic Philosophy

"M.D., Xi’an Medical University, P.R. China; M.S., Xi’an Medical University, P.R. China; Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Miami School of Medicine."

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease
  • Biomedical Engineering & Nanomedicine
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Neuroscience

Research Interests

  • Research on the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells, bone marrow stromal cells and human bone marrow stromal cells, umbilical cord blood cells to neural cells which will be used to repair the damages of the nervous systems, especially for the neural degenerative diseases. Proliferating bone marrow stromal and human umbilical cord blood cells as the stem cell line for cell and gene therapy with an emphasis on utilizing bone marrow derived cells or agents that mobilize bone marrow stem cells in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease (PD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Collaborated with Dr. Juan Sanchez-Ramos in neurotoxicological studies relevant to the etiology of PD. I have also been involved in mechanistic studies of G-CSF, a blood stem cell mobilize, in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Developing new therapy – stereotaxic micro-lesion and micro-injection for PD, AD, ALS, TBI and stroke to prevent CNS atrophy, to induce and promote endogenous neurogenesis.

Recent Publications

  • Song S, Kong X, Acosta S, Sava V, Borlongan CV, Sanchez-Ramos J. Effects of an Inhibitor of Monocyte Recruitment on Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice Treated with Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor. International journal of molecular sciences. 18(7) , 2017.
  • El Bassit G, Patel RS, Carter G, Shibu V, Patel AA, Song S, Murr M, Cooper DR, Bickford PC, Patel NA. MALAT1 in Human Adipose Stem Cells Modulates Survival and Alternative Splicing of PKCδII in HT22 Cells. Endocrinology. 158(1) : 183-195, 2017.
  • Song S, Kong X, Sava V, Cao C, Acosta S, Borlongan C, Sanchez-Ramos J. Transient Microneedle Insertion into Hippocampus Triggers Neurogenesis and Decreases Amyloid Burden in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer''s Disease. Cell transplantation. 25(10) : 1853-1861, 2016.
  • Sajan M, Hansen B, Ivey R, Sajan J, Ari C, Song S, Braun U, Leitges M, Farese-Higgs M, Farese RV. Brain Insulin Signaling Is Increased in Insulin-Resistant States and Decreases in FOXOs and PGC-1α and Increases in Aβ1-40/42 and Phospho-Tau May Abet Alzheimer Development. Diabetes. 65(7) : 1892-903, 2016.
  • Song S, Kong X, Acosta S, Sava V, Borlongan C, Sanchez-Ramos J. Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor promotes behavioral recovery in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury. Journal of neuroscience research. 94(5) : 409-23, 2016.
  • Song S, Kong X, Acosta S, Sava V, Borlongan C, Sanchez-Ramos J. Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor promotes brain repair following traumatic brain injury by recruitment of microglia and increasing neurotrophic factor expression. Restorative neurology and neuroscience. 34(3) : 415-31, 2016.
  • Song S Kong X Sava V Cao C Acosta S Borlongan C Sanchez-Ramos J. Transient Miro-needle Insertion into Hippocampus Triggers Neurogenesis and Decreases Amyloid Burden in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer''s Disease. World Biomedical Frontiers. : 2328-0166., 2016.
  • Ugen KE, Lin X, Bai G, Liang Z, Cai J, Li K, Song S, Cao C, Sanchez-Ramos J. Evaluation of an α synuclein sensitized dendritic cell based vaccine in a transgenic mouse model of Parkinson disease. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. 11(4) : 922-30, 2015.
  • Song S, Wang X, Sava V, Weeber EJ, Sanchez-Ramos J. In vivo administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor restores long-term depression in hippocampal slices prepared from transgenic APP/PS1 mice. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 92(8) : 975-80, 2014.
  • Sanchez-Ramos J, Song S, & Sava V. Direct delivery of gene-silencing molecules into brain by the olfactory route Movement Disorders. 29(1) : S42-S43, 2014.
  • Sandra A. Acosta, Naoki Tajiri, Kazutaka Shinozuka, Hiroto Ishikawa, Paul R. Sanberg, Juan Sanchez-Ramos, Shijie Song, Yuji Kaneko, & Cesar V. Borlongan Combination therapy of human umbilical cord blood cells and granulocyte colony stimulating factor reduces histopathological and motor impairments in an experimental model of chronic traumatic brain injury. PLoS One. 9(3) : e90953, 2014.
  • Catlow BJ, Song S, Paredes DA, Kirstein CL, & Sanchez Ramos J. Effects of psilocybin on hippocampal neurogenesis and extinction of trace fear conditioning. Experimental Brain Research. 228(4) : 481-91, 2013.
  • Song S, Song SJ, Cao C, Lin X, Li K, Sava V, and Sanchez-Ramos J. Hippocampal neurogenesis and the brain repair response to brief stereotaxic insertion of a microneedle. Stem Cells International. 2013(2013) : 205878, 2013.
  • Song S, Rowe A, Li K, Sava V, and Sanchez-Ramos J. Neuroprotective effects of bone marrow stromal cells in cocultures offetal dopaminergic neuronal cultures Journal of Neurodegeneration and Regeneration. 4(1) : 27-36, 2013.
  • Sanchez-Ramos J, Sava V, Li K, & Song S. Effects of bone marrow replacement and treatment with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) in TgQ140 HD mice. Neurotherapeutics. 10: 174, 2013.
  • Apostolatos A, Song S, Acosta S, Peart M, Watson JE, Bickford P, Cooper DR, & Patel NA. Insulin promotes neuronal survival via the alternatively spliced protein kinase CδII isoform. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 287(12) : 9299-310, 2012.
  • Song S, Sava V, Rowe A, Li K, Cao C, Mori T & Sanchez-Ramos J. Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) enhances recovery in mouse model of Parkinson''s disease. Neuroscience Letters. 487(2) : 153-7, 2011.
  • Apostolatos H, Apostolatos A, Vickers T, Watson JE, Song S, Vale F, Cooper DR, Sanchez-Ramos J. Vitamin A metabolite, all-trans-retinoic acid, mediates alternative splicing of protein kinase C deltaVIII (PKCdeltaVIII) isoform via splicing factor SC35. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 285(34) : 25987-95, 2010.
  • Catlow BJ, Badanich KA, Sponaugle AE, Rowe AR, Song S, Rafalovich I, Sava V, Kirstein CL, & Sanchez-Ramos J. Effects of MDMA ("ecstasy") during adolescence on place conditioning and hippocampal neurogenesis. European Journal of Pharmacology.. 628(1) : 96-103, 2010.
  • Cheney ML, Shan N, Healry ER, Hanna M, Wojtas L, Zaworotko MJ, Sava V, Song S, & Sanchez-Ramos J. Effects of Crystal Form on Solubility and Pharmacokinetics: A Crystal Engineering Case Study of Lamotrigine Crystal Growth & Design. 10(1) : 394-405, 2010.