William Quillen

William Quillen, PT, DPT, PhD, FACSM

Contact Info 12901 North Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
MDC 077
Tampa FL 33612

Academic Email: wquillen@health.usf.edu

Academic Phone:(813) 974-9863

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  • DPT, Physical Therapy, University of Montana, 2011
  • PHD, Sports Medicine, University of Virginia, 1989
  • MPA, Health Services Management, Golden Gate University, 1986
  • BS, Physical Therapy, University of Central Arkansas, 1977
  • MEd, Developmental & Adapted Physical Educati, University of Missouri, 1974
  • BS, Health & Physical Education, Springfield (MA) College, 1973

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Other

Research Interests

  • Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Exercise
  • Low Back Injury Risk Reduction
  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  • Concussion Prevention in Pediatric Athletes


  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Sports Physical Therapy Section, Education Section (-, 2014 - Present)
  • Florida Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association (-, 2014 - Present)
  • National Athletic Trainer’s Association (-, 2014 - Present)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (-, 2014 - Present)
  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (-, 2014 - Present)

Recent Publications

  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Miro RM, Cress ME, Quillen WS, Carey SL, Dubey RV, Mengelkoch LJ. CONCURRENT VALIDITY OF THE CONTINUOUS SCALE-PHYSICAL FUNCTIONAL PEFORMANCE-10 (CS-PFP-10) TEST IN TRANSFEMORAL AMPUTEES. Technology and innovation. 18(2-3) : 185-191, 2016. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28066527
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Miro RM, Lura DJ, Carey SL, Wernke MM, Kim SH, Quillen WS. Differences in Military Obstacle Course Performance Between Three Energy-Storing and Shock-Adapting Prosthetic Feet in High-Functioning Transtibial Amputees: A Double-Blind, Randomized Control Trial. Military medicine. 181(S4) : 45-54, 2016. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27849461
  • Mayer JM, Childs JD, Neilson BD, Chen H, Koppenhaver SL, Quillen WS. Effect of Lumbar Progressive Resistance Exercise on Lumbar Muscular Strength and Core Muscular Endurance in Soldiers. Military medicine. 181(11) : e1615-e1622, 2016. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27849497
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Miro RM, Cress ME, Lura DJ, Quillen WS, Carey SL, Dubey RV, Mengelkoch LJ. Functional performance differences between the Genium and C-Leg prosthetic knees and intact knees. Journal of rehabilitation research and development. 53(6) : 753-766, 2016. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27997673
  • Mayer JM, Quillen WS, Verna JL, Chen R, Lunseth P, Dagenais S. Impact of a supervised worksite exercise program on back and core muscular endurance in firefighters. American journal of health promotion : AJHP. 29(3) : 165-72, 2015. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24524384
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Lura DJ, Dubey RV, Carey SL, Quillen WS and Mengelkoch LJ. Short and Mid-Distance Walking and Posturography with a Novel Microprocessor Knee Technol Innov. 15: 359-368, 2014.
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Miro RM, Lura DJ, Dubey RV, Carey SL, Quillen WS, Mengelkoch LJ. Perceived Differences Between the Genium and the C-Leg Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees in Prosthetic-Related Function and Quality of Life Technol Innov. 15: 369-375, 2014.
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Lura DJ, Lewandowski AL, Quillen WS, Kim HS. Stair Ascent and Ramp Gait Training with the Genium Knee Technol Innov. 15: 349-358, 2014.
  • Highsmith MJ Kahle JT Quillen WS Mengelkoch LJ. Spatiotemporal Parameters and Step Activity of a Specialized Stepping Pattern used by a Transtibial Amputee During a Denali Mountaineering Expedition. J Prosthet Orthot.. 24(3) : 153-7, 2012.
  • Mayer JM, Nuzzo JL, Chen R, Quillen WS, Verna JL, Miro R, Dagenais S. The impact of obesity on back and core muscular endurance in firefighters. Journal of obesity. 2012: 729283, 2012. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23213491
  • Highsmith MJ, Kahle JT, Carey SL, Lura DJ, Dubey RV, Csavina KR, Quillen WS. Kinetic asymmetry in transfemoral amputees while performing sit to stand and stand to sit movements. Gait & posture. 34(1) : 86-91, 2011. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21524913
  • Magee D, Zachazewski J and Quillen W. Sports Injuries Return to Sport and Related Topics. , 2010.
  • Highsmith MJ Kahle JT Carey SL Lura DJ Dubey RV Quillen WS. Kinetic differences using a Power Knee and C-Leg while sitting down and standing up: A Case Report. J Prosthet Orthot.. 22(4) : 237-243, 2010.
  • Magee D, Zachazewski J and Quillen W. Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Treatment of Pathology and Injuries. , 2008.
  • Magee D, Zachazewski J and Quillen W. Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice. , 2007.
  • Tyagi, A (4th Year Med Student) and Quillen WS. Youth and Steroids – A Deadly Combination ABC News Web On-Line. , 2007.

Positions Held

  • 2005- Professor, Associate Dean, Director (School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine 2005 - 2014)
  • Associate Professor and Chairman (Department of Physical Therapy School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Indiana University 1998 - 2004)
  • Rehabilitation Consultant (Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, IUPUI 2003 - 2004)
  • Physical Therapist (Center for Sports Medicine at NIFS, Indiana University 2000 - 2003)
  • Physical Therapist II (Sports Medicine Clinic, Department of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Children’s Hospital Medical Center 1996 - 1998)
  • Associate Professor and Chair (Department of Physical Therapy, College of Mount St. Joseph 1995 - 1998)
  • Physical Therapist (Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Texas Southern University 1994 - 1995)
  • Physical Therapist (Adolescent and Sports Medicine Service, Texas Children’s Hospital 1994 - 1995)
  • Assistant Professor (School of Physical Therapy, School of Physical Therapy 1994 - 1995)
  • Commissioned Officer (Medical Service Corps, United States Navy 1975 - 1994)
  • Assistant Professor (US Army- Baylor University Graduate Program in Physical Therapy, Academy of Health Sciences 1991 - 1994)
  • Assistant Director (OT-PT Department, Naval Hospital 1989 - 1991)
  • Division Head, Physical Therapy (Physical Therapy, Hospital Ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) 1989 - 1991)
  • Naval Military Personnel Command (Health & Physical Readiness Division, United States Navy 1984 - 1986)
  • Head, Physical Therapy Dept/Assistant Director (Medical Service Corps, US Naval Academy 1979 - 1984)
  • Senior Staff Physical Therapist (Medical Service Corps, United States Navy 1977 - 1979)
  • Director (Physical Education for the Handicapped, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College 1974 - 1975)
  • Instructor (Department of Physical Education, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Colleg 1974 - 1975)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Teacher Training Programs for the Handicapped, University of Missouri 1973 - 1974)


  • Finalist (Health Care Heroes, Tampa Business Journal - 2006)
  • Recipient (Prestigious External Award Recognition (PEAR) Recipient IUPUI Chancellor’s Academic Honors Convocat - 2003)
  • Fellow (American College of Sports Medicine - 2002)
  • International Faculty Travel Grant (University Office of International Programs, Faculty Exchange with the University of the Witwatersra - 2002)
  • Gertrude Lamb Distinguished Alumni Award (Springfield College, Springfield, MA - 1989)
  • Mary McMillan Scholar (American Physical Therapy Association - 1988)
  • Joe Finnell Distinguished Alumni Award (University of Central Arkansas, Little Rock, AR - 1982)
  • Presidential Scholar (University of Central Arkansas, Little Rock, AR - 1975)
  • Graduate Fellow (University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - 1974)
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate (Springfield College, Springfield, MA - 1973)