Lisa Kirouac J-5092-2014

Lisa Kirouac, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar Research, College of Medicine Molecular Medicine

Contact Info 4001 East Fletcher Avenue
Tampa FL 33613

Academic Email:


  • PhD, Neurosciences, University of South Florida*, 2016
  • MS, Medical Science, University of South Florida, 2014
  • MS, Biotechnology, University of South Florida, 2010
  • BS, Biomedical Sciences, University of South Florida, 2008

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Neuroscience

Research Interests

  • Our lab is investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying genetic defects in the protein acyl transferase, zDHHC9, that has been associated with X-linked Intellectual Disability.


  • National Postdoctoral Association (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2016 - Present)
  • Society for Neuroscience (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2016 - Present)

Recent Publications

  • Lisa Kirouac Alexander J, Rajic David H, Cribbs and Jaya Padmanabha. Activation of Ras-ERK Signaling and GSK-3 by Amyloid Precursor Protein and Amyloid Beta Facilitates Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease eNeuro. , 2017.
  • Malathi Narayan Lisa Kirouac Dale Chaput Stanley Stevens Jaya Padmanabhan and Umesh K Jinwa. Identification of Novel Cdc37 Interacting Proteins and Pathways in Human Alzheimer's Disease Brain Tissue Using Mass Spectrometry Journal of Data Mining in Genomics & Proteomics. 7(2) : 1000193, 2016.
  • Dale Chaput Lisa Kirouac Stanley M, Stevens Jr, and Jaya Padmanabha. Potential role of PCTAIRE-2, PCTAIRE-3 and P-Histone H4 in amyloid precursor protein-dependent Alzheimer pathology Oncotarget. 7: 8481-8497, 2016.
  • Lisa Kirouac Mevin Mathew Jaya Padmanabhan. Interplay between Inflammation and Cell Cycle Deregulation in Alzheimer's Disease JSM Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia. 2(2) : 1-11, 2015.
  • Fiorelli T, Kirouac L, Padmanabhan J. Altered processing of amyloid precursor protein in cells undergoing apoptosis. PloS one. 8(2) : e57979, 2013.
  • Chaput D, Kirouac LH, Bell-Temin H, Stevens SM, Padmanabhan J. SILAC-based proteomic analysis to investigate the impact of amyloid precursor protein expression in neuronal-like B103 cells. Electrophoresis. 33(24) : 3728-37, 2012.
  • Judge M, Hornbeck L, Potter H, Padmanabhan J. Mitosis-specific phosphorylation of amyloid precursor protein at threonine 668 leads to its altered processing and association with centrosomes. Molecular neurodegeneration. 6: 80, 2011.


  • Outstanding MCOM Post-Doctoral Scholar Presentation (USF Health Research Day - 2017)
  • ADDF Young Investigator Scholarship (Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation - 2015)
  • Dr. Christopher P. Phelps Memorial Fund Annual Morsani COM Graduate Student Travle Award (USF Health Research Day - 2015)