Geriatrics Advisory Committee (GAC): Will include consultants with expertise in geriatrics in the primary care environment and users of the system.

Geriatric Steering Committee: Members will include representatives from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, aging studies, TFHC, and Senior Connection Center. Members will meet monthly to coordinate and direct project related activities; define core set of targeted HEDIS health measures, screenings, preventive services, care coordination activities and system navigation resources; identify clinical priorities and quality improvement initiatives; and evaluate progress toward achieving required grant elements.

Geriatric Faculty Development Workgroup: Will meet monthly to create and implement the faculty development program: Primary care and related faculty from MCOM, CON and COP will undergo basic instruction in fundamental principles of the multidisciplinary competencies in the care of older adults. Upon successful completion, they will receive an internal certificate of training (below) that attests to their knowledge and understanding of the skills expected of primary care teaching faculty to demonstrate proficiency in clinical care and in education for older adults.

Geriatric Practice Transformation Workgroup: Will facilitate geriatric/gerontologic infusion into federally qualified health centers’ practice through clinician training.

Geriatric Student Curriculum Workgroup: Will create and deliver basic geriatric/Gerontological curriculum for upper-level and advanced medical, nursing, pharmacy, and physical therapy students, using HIPCOA modules and other relevant content that is pre-existing.

Geriatric Residency Curriculum Workgroup: Will enhance and standardize geriatric curriculum and experience for all primary care residents, DNPs, PharmDs, and ARNPs. Additionally, will create resident specific quality-of-care initiatives and population management exercises.

Evaluation Committee: Will oversee formative and summative project evaluation, including all HRSA reporting requirements, will report to the Steering Committee, and will establish an ad hoc conflict resolution committee.