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BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic

The BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic is located on the 5th floor of the Carol & Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare on USF's Campus.
We are open Tuesday and some Thursday nights from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm by appointment only.


The BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic is a student-run free clinic located at the University of South Florida in the heart of the University Area Community. Our goal is to create a health facility where patients are treated compassionately and cared for through the collaboration of medicine, social work, physical therapy, pharmacy and public health providers. We believe a healthy community is a prosperous one, and we strive to improve the well-being of the University Area Community.

The USF BRIDGE Clinic earned the 2023 Gold Rating for the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Quality Standards Program. This means that the clinic achieved the highest scores in categories including patient care, clinic and pharmacy responsibilities, risk management systems, credentialing and privileging systems, and administration.


  • Medicine


    Our Medical Services include:

    • Primary Care and referrals
    • Gynecological services
    • Laboratory services
    • Radiology (X-rays, ultrasound, MRI, CT, mammograms)
    • Psychiatry visits
  • Pharmacy


    Pharmacy Arms Services

    • Assist as needed with difficulties in access of medications via formulary
    • Streamline pharmacy visits and the refill process
    • Improve and sustain an acceptable patient adherence to medication regimen
    Continuity of Care:
    • Assist in coordination of care with other health care providers as it relates to patients medication therapy and outcome
    • Improve health care utilization and minimize the patients cost
    • Incorporate patient participation in self-care and self-management
    • Provide patient with educational resources to help improve health outcomes via evidenced based guidelines 
      Assistive device training
    Comprehensive Medication Management:
    • Provide initial prescription counseling
    • Identify, monitor, and prevent or minimize adverse drug events or medication related complications
    • Prevent duplication of medication therapy and avoidance of drug interactions
    • Assist primary care providers in monitoring patients medication therapy and medical conditions
    • Recommend to the patient and the primary health care provider preventive measures and routine laboratory tests established by evidence-based guidelines.
    • Conduct medication reconciliation and provide patients with current medication card.
  • Physical Therapy


    The BRIDGE Clinic’s physical therapy department provides rehabilitation services to help patients improve function and increase participation. Services offered include:

    • Rehabilitation following an injury
    • Improving mobility
    • Management of neurological conditions
    • Maximizing physical function
    • Assistive device training
    • Decrease pain with movement
    • Prevent falls
    • Improve balance
    • Provide home exercise programs

    Conditions We Can Treat but not limited to (Not sure if we should include this section because it might seem limiting, but it also could help patients understand more about what we can do??)

    • Neurological Conditions (stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s Disease)
    • Musculoskeletal Conditions (osteoarthritis, tendinitis, muscle/ligament tear)
    • Vestibular Disorders (Dizziness, vertigo)
    • Weakness and Deconditioning
    • Diabetes Screening

    New PT address:
    3500 Fletcher Ave. Suite 100
    Tampa, FL 33613 



  • Public Health


    The Public Health team at the BRIDGE Clinic offers the following services:
    • Free HIV Counseling and Testing for the University Area Community members, including USF students.
    • Information about methods to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
    • Educational materials about HIV/AIDS for different age groups and cultures.
    • Male and female condoms free of charge.
  • Social Work


    Social Work provides these services:
    • Conducts patient centered assessment to determine the psychosocial stressors that present barriers to improved physical and emotional health.
    • Listens, counsels, coaches and educates patients in order to actively participate in the healing process.
    • Refers to community resources such as food banks, mental health care, housing, public assistance, so to address needs holistically.
BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic