Stipend & Benefits

Coverage is provided via United HealthCare – Choice Plus Plan and is based on a three-tier plan. USF Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) pays for the Resident/Fellow portion of the health insurance coverage. If you wish to add dependents, you will have a deduction of $50 per month for spouse coverage or $75 per month for child(ren) with or without spouse via automatic payroll deduction.

Coverage is provided by Standard Insurance Company and is paid for by USF MCOM. Prior to the use of the long term disability benefit, a 90 day waiting period is experienced during which time you must be continuously disabled. The plan provides compensation of $2,500 per month up to your normal retirement age (SSNRA).

A group term life policy is provided for you by USF MCOM and has a death benefit of $50,000 along with an accidental death & dismemberment of $50,000. During your training, you have the ability to purchase additional life insurance.


Health, Life & Disability Insurance Enrollment Form – use this form to add or remove a dependent (1 of 2)
Insurance Enrollment Verification Form – use this form to add or remove a dependent (2 of 2)
Standard Beneficiary Form – use this form to update your beneficiary

Note: Dental insurance is not provided by USF MCOM.

Worker's Compensation 

Overview of Worker's Compensation
How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness
Annual (Vacation) Leave:
All residents will receive a total of fifteen (15) weekdays of annual leave. (Vacation is pro-rated for trainees beginning mid-cycle).

Sick Leave:
Residents will receive a total of nine (9) days of sick leave at the beginning of each appointment year. (Sick Leave is pro-rated for trainees beginning mid-cycle).

Parental Leave:
Residents will receive (2) weeks of compensated parental leave per the birth of each child.

Bereavement Leave:

In the event of death in the immediate family, the resident may be granted three (3) days of bereavement leave in order to attend the funeral and assist in the estate settlement.

Review the current Leave of Absence Policy for further details.
USF Residents/Fellows are automatically enrolled into the Temporary Employee Retirement Plan (TERP). TERP is a defined contribution plan authorized under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. BENCOR, Inc. is the plan administrator for the University of South Florida. 7.5% of pretax wages will be taken biweekly with each pay period.

To find out more about TERP please visit:
USF Morsani College of Medicine residents are immune to personal liability for negligence when acting within the course and scope of their employment with the College. As a member of the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, you are provided with professional liability protection by the Malpractice Self-Insurance Program (SIP) for the benefit of University of South Florida Health, its faculty, students, and other employees. In connection with this protection, residents have certain significant responsibilities, including full compliance with the SIP staff and SIP committee in the investigation, defense, and settlement of claims.

It is essential to the proper operation of SIP that residents give immediate notice when they become aware of any incident that may expose themselves and SIP to any loss. The failure to provide prompt notice of incidents is a prime contributor to being named in malpractice suits that should have been resolved well in advance of litigation. If a claim is meritorious, attempts can be made to settle and prevent litigation.

No definition of a reportable incident will cover all circumstances. In general, however, reportable incidents fall into three broad categories. Though there may appear to be no departure from accepted standard of practice, these cases should be reported:

Category one: Any incident in which a patient has sustained an iatrogenic injury that was not anticipated by the physician or patient.

Category two: Any of the following injuries:
  • Death (unexpected or unexplained); 
  • Paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia; 
  • Spinal cord injury; 
  • Nerve injury or neurological deficit; 
  • Brain damage; 
  • Total or partial loss of limb, or loss of the use of limb; 
  • Sensory organ or reproductive organ loss or impairment; and 
  • Injury which results in disability or disfigurement. 
Category 3: All incidents in the following broad categories:
  • Any injury to the mother or baby associated with birth; 
  • Any patient injury resulting from defective or nonfunctioning medical equipment; 
  • Any injury to parts of the anatomy not undergoing treatment; 
  • Any claim by a patient or family member that a patient has been medically injured; 
  • Any assertion by the patient or family that no consent for treatment was given; 
  • Any increase in morbidity due to misdiagnosis. 

By far the best guideline to follow is that of medical common sense sustained by an ever-present awareness of the possibility of a claim. When in doubt, always report, and do so promptly.

The SIP office should be notified immediately in each of the following situations:

Receipt of any correspondence from any source, attorney, patient, or third party, making an inquiry in connection with a claim or intent to initiate malpractice action;
Receipt by a faculty member, resident or employee of a summons, complaint, or other legal documents in connection with a claim;
Inquiry about any case by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).
SIP staff works to protect University physicians. The office may be reached at (813) 974-8008. Further information may be obtained from:

Courtney Rice
USF Self-Insurance Programs
Tel: (813) 974-8008

Customer Service
Tel: (813) 974-8008


Residents and Fellows can elect dental and vision coverage through People First. If you need information on Open Enrollment through People First please contact People First at 866-663-4735. (Please note that these are not a USF-GME funded benefits).

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If you have any questions regarding your United Health Care plan offered to you by GME please contact the GME office at 813-250-2512.