Travel Processes for USF Health Students

  1. Students are required to first meet with their faculty advisor and respective college’s international programs office to discuss travel and obtain written approval for travel (see contacts for each college’s international programs office below).

  2. If you are planning on traveling to a High-Risk Destination, contact your college’s International Programs office ASAP.
    • High-risk destinations will require a thorough review and approval by the USF Health High-Risk Travel Assessment Committee and the USF World Global Risk Assessment Committee. A high risk destination is any country for which the U.S Department of State has issued a travel warning/alert. Check the travel risk status here(Note- High-risk travel requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to departure or will not be approved) 

  3. Students are required to obtain written approval for travel by completing the USF Health Travel Approval Form.
    • Individual Travelers - if you are traveling on any individual experience, regardless if it is credit-bearing or non-credit bearing, you are required to receive written approval for travel by completing the USF Health - Individual International Travel Approval Form.
    • Group Travelers - if you are traveling with a study abroad or group program (including student organizations) your faculty/program leader will provide a final list of all approved student participants to the college’s International programs office. 

  4. Register for travel and the university’s required travel medical and evacuation insurance:
    • Individual Travelers – complete the student independent travel application available via the USF Health Portal.
    • Group Travelers - contact your faculty/program leader to receive your unique, online group program registration link. Currently distributed links are also listed under group programs on the USF Health Portal.

  5. Complete the mandatory, online CANVAS USF Health Student Pre-departure orientation course.
    • Students will be emailed a link to join the online CANVAS orientation course within 5-10 business days of initiating an online travel registration application. 
    • If you the student leader of a group program (student organization) you will be required to complete the student program leader orientation requirements in lieu of the CANVAS orientation (details here).

  6. Review Travel Resources: Students are required to review the following travel, pre-departure information:
  7. Consider purchasing additional travel insurance
    • Enrollment for the university’s required UHCG medical and evacuation insurance does not provide coverage outside of the dates of the university-related travel program. Those who plan to travel independently, either in advance of the program or after the program ends, must independently ensure that they have insurance coverage valid outside the U.S. and travel at their own risk.UHCG offers students and their dependents, travelling on their own time, before or after program dates, to purchase travel medical and evacuation coverage by calling the enrollment center 1.800.732.5309 (to pay via credit card) or via the Outbound Enrollment paper form (to pay via check). Reference the USF ID #: 902238160. Review the UCHG- USF Policy and FAQ
    • The UHCG medical & evacuation insurance does not include trip cancellation coverage or travel insurance (theft, costs due to delays in travel time, etc.), or pre-existing conditions. If you are concerned about travel insurance coverage, you are advised to seek travel insurance coverage through your own carrier.

  8. Prophylaxis and Vaccinations: It is strongly recommended that students follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s travel guidelines regarding prophylaxis and vaccinations for their travel destination(s). Please go the CDC's website for country-specific travel health information. 

  9. Record the USF 24/7 Emergency Phone Number +1-813-317-5815.
    • Print Emergency Card or stop by USF Health International (MDA 1007) to pick up printed copy
    • Note the emergency phone number as well as those of your in-country and home emergency contacts in your cell phone which you will have in use while abroad

USF Health International Programs offices contact information:

USF Health International

Cristienn Joudaane, MBA, MS
Director of International Programs 
WELL Building – MDA 1007 
(813) 974-4003 

USF Health International

Tina Huynh
Program Assistant & Travel Coordinator 
WELL Building – MDA 1020 
(813) 974-4384 

Morsani College of Medicine

Linman Li, MBA
Director, Asia Programs
17 Davis Bldg, Suite 412
(813) 844-8204

College of Nursing

Stephen Mcghee, MS, RNC
Director, Global Affairs
MDN 3034
(813) 974-9133

College of Pharmacy

Umesh Jinwal, Ph.D.
Chair, International Committee
Byrd Institute, ALZ 308
(813) 396-0673

College of Public Health

Jesse Casanova, MS
Director, International Programs
WELL building – MDA 1006
(813) 974-4247