Global Nursing Program

The community health experience offered by USF College of Nursing’s Global Nursing Program enables students to learn first-hand about international health care while delivering nursing education and services to local residents. Students will have the opportunity to develop inter-professional health care relationships, explore different cultures and increase their value as a globally-educated registered nurse.


Program Location Region
Nursing Community Health in Panama Panama Central America
Nursing Community Health in Scotland Scotland Europe
Nursing Community Health in St. Croix St. Croix Caribbean

Latest Program News

After a successful two-week excursion to St. Croix, a team of USF College of Nursing students returned home with heightened passions and stronger understandings of healthcare in other communities. A g … [read more]
USF Nursing students traveled to Scotland to complete their summer 2016 global community health experience. [read more]
USF Nursing students continue their summer 2016 global health experience. This time, students will travel to Panama to improve patient care in Chitre. [read more]

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