Overview of USF Neuroscience

USF Members

Over 200 USF faculty are members of the USF Neuroscience Collaborative, with expertise in a broad range of preclinical and clinical areas of neuroscience research. USF is an international leader in the study and treatment of brain diseases, with two major centers of excellence at the forefront of advancing research on brain-based diseases.

Some of our major centers include: The prestigious USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute has a highly qualified team of researchers, doctors, clinicians and educators at the forefront of Alzheimer's research and care. The Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair has as its primary mission to develop new therapeutic strategies to promote repair and regeneration of aging and diseased brain. The Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry provides multi-disciplinary, evidence-based treatment for a broad spectrum of neuro-psychiatric illnesses in children.

Highlights include the following:

  • Faculty in the Department of Molecular Medicine have as their mission to discover, apply and disseminate knowledge of the molecular and genetic basis of health and disease and to translate this knowledge into innovative tools for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
  • The Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology performs innovative research into the study of the nervous and cardiovascular systems and related disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular disease and stroke, diabetes, and neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and drug addiction.
  • The Department of Neurology is dedicated to translational and clinical research to develop new and more effective treatments for neurological disorders through Centers of Excellence in every area of neurological disease.
  • The Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair is dedicated to providing comprehensive surgical services for the treatment of complex diseases of the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system. Clinical and basic science research include spinal biomechanics, neurodegenerative disorders, and microsurgical techniques.
  • The mission of the Department of Psychiatry is to educate health care practitioners about mental, addictive and behavioral disorders, and to advance scientific knowledge about the nature, causes and treatment of these conditions.
  • The faculty of the Department of Psychology are committed to furthering our understanding of the mind and behavior by the methods of science and to the development of applications of the science of psychology to better the human condition.

Other departments at USF which are not focused specifically on neuroscience, but have USF NSC faculty members include:

Members Beyond the USF Community

USF NSC faculty are also affiliated with other neuroscience research Centers in the Tampa Bay area, including the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital and the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Additionally, some of our members are affiliated with the following organizations: