Our Practice is our Passion

Our Brand Promise

With selfless dedication, we promise to use our transformational research and interdisciplinary approach to passionately solve problems and create conditions that allow every person the universal right to health and well-being.

Share Your Practice

As a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Public Health, you are a force of social responsibility, an agent of collaboration, and a source of hope. We invite you to connect with us.  Click on the form below to learn how.

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Share Your Passion

Every day, the actions of USF Bulls contribute to improving the health and well-being of others—at home and abroad. In ways both big and small, each of you has a story. We’d love for you to share yours!

Creating your public health story can be as simple as one digital photo and a paragraph of text about your journey. A few tips:
  • Share a professional accomplishment, activity, or experience that demonstrates “My practice is my passion”
  • Include details about yourself. What is your profession? Where are you from? What is your public health specialty? What are you passionate about? Give us a sense of who you are
  • Keep it short and sweet—under 250 words. Be sure to include “My practice is my passion” in your story
  • Proofread your story
  • E-mail a high-resolution picture of yourself to npreston@health.usf.edu and reference “My practice is my passion” in the subject line. Action shots in the field make for a more interesting story
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