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//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbGCYIyMlEE TAMPA, Fla.  (August 30, 2017) — Pacemakers help people live longer, active lives. They’re also often worn for decades at a time. But a pacemaker’s wiring could get infected, and the signs are too similar to typical ailments. It’s something 68-year-old Ri … [read more]
Tampa, FL (July 5, 2017) – Tampa General Hospital and the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine are creating a new model for advanced organ transplantation. Noted transplant physician Dr. David Weill has been named director of the new Institute for Advanced Organ Disease and Transplantation, which … [read more]
USF Health researcher Mack Wu, MD, studies what happens when the microvascular endothelial barrier controlling blood-tissue exchange is compromised during ischemia-reperfusion injury, a condition that can lead to irreversible tissue damage. He also investigates the molecular control of gut permeabil … [read more]
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