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Center for Transdisciplinary Research
USF College of Public Health
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd
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  1. Crisis response literacy: This project is aimed to better understand college students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in response to crisis situations.
  2. Depression and oral contraceptive use: This project examines the association between depression and oral contraceptive use among college students. 
  3. Feed-A-Bull Food Pantry: This project examines the prevalence of food insecurity and diet quality on student health and academic performance.
  4. MWell4Success: This project is aimed at improving mental health literacy among college students to create an environment that values mental wellbeing and enhances student success.
  5. Physical activity related to GPA and student retention: This project examines the impact of participation in physical activity on grade point average and student persistence. 
  6. Tobacco policy implementation: The project outlines the process to implement a tobacco- and smoke-free campus policy and documents steps to improve implementation and enforcement.
  7. Wellness coaches: This project is the implementation and evaluation of an integrated approach to wellness coaching to improve student wellbeing and academic success.