Michael White , Ph.D.

Michael White , Ph.D.


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Office: IDRB, 325
Voice Mail: (813) 974-8411
Fax: (813) 974-8506
Email: mwhite3@health.usf.edu
 Education and History

Came to USF



B.A. San Jose State University, 1978
Ph.D. Oregon State University, 1983
post-doc University of Washington, 1988


Genetics and Genomics
Molecular Parasitology
Cell Biology of Growth Factors
Regulation of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle
Mechanisms of Gene Expression

Other Information

Curriculum Vitae


Research in the White laboratory is focused on how the malaria-related protozoa, Toxoplasma gondii, grows and develops in its human host. T. gondii is an environmental pathogen of the central nervous system (class B bioterrorism agent), which causes an often fatal disease in people who are immunocompromised. Projects in our laboratory focus on how these parasites interact with their host cell to produce new progeny and establish persistent infections. Our studies employ a diverse and extensive array of genetic and biochemical approaches with special emphasis on whole-cell strategies that enable a global understanding of the biochemical pathways involved in parasite growth and development. From forward genetic approaches that allow essential protein factors to be identified by genetic complementation to cataloging gene clusters within the whole-cell transcriptome that are responsible for transduction of the parasite cell division cycle, we are uncovering novel pathways that hold the key to important parasite biology

 Selected Publications