Research Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Research Committee is to ensure an ongoing, robust research portfolio within the College that represents the breadth and depth of public health; reflects faculty strengths, student interests and community needs; promotes faculty and student success; engages communities in translating research into action; enhances the reputation of the College; and advances the field in meaningful and impactful ways.


  1. The COPH Research Committee will be comprised of 9 voting members (5 faculty members from each department or discipline, and 4 at-large members). Each department will elect one ranked senior faculty member (Associate or Full Professor) who is actively engaged in research.
  2. The chair shall be elected by the committee from among the senior faculty members and serve in accordance with Article VII 1. above.
  3. In addition to the 9 voting members, the committee may also include 4 non-voting Ex- officio members such as post-docs, research associates and graduate students as determined by the committee chair in consultation with the department chairs.
  4. A representative from the administration staff, who is involved in research administration, shall also serve as an ex-officio non-voting member.

Functions and Duties:

The Faculty Affairs Committee advises the Dean on matters related to the faculty in the College. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recommend procedures and programs for facilitating research at the college.
  2. Expedite and monitor research mentoring program for junior faculty.
  3. Coordinate research and award opportunities for faculty and students.
  4. Establish a system to encourage interdisciplinary research across departments/disciplines as well as student-faculty research opportunities.Review research policies and procedures from across USF that impact COPH researchers.
  5. Coordinate with USF Research Council regarding research policies, procedures and protocols that impact COPH researchers.

(From Governance Manual page 9)


Name Department E-Mail Phone
John Adams (Chair) GH 974-9916
Amy Alman EPB  974-2235
Marie Bourgeois EOH 974-6633
Henian Chen EPB 974-4285
Ellen Daley CFH 974-8518
Yangxin Huang EPB 974-8209
Russell Kirby CFH 974-2347
Wilbur Milhous GH 974-9065
Etienne Pracht HPM 974-7609
Rene Salazar EOH 974-9623
Stephanie Marhefka-Day CFH 974-5810
Janice Zgibor EPB 974-6277
Jennifer Marshall CFH  396-2672

Minutes / Agenda: