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Florida Covering Kids & Families actively works to provide materials and applications to help families get health coverage. Children and families eligible for health insurance coverage are provided information by FL-CKF. We employ three strategies to accomplish this:

  • Florida Covering Kids & Families

    Simplify enrollment and renewal processes for Medicaid and CHIP to make them more user-friendly 

  • Coordinate Medicaid and CHIP so families can successfully navigate through the multiple Florida KidCare programs without being overwhelmed by red tape and bureaucracy 

  • Conduct and organize outreach programs to identify, enroll, and retain eligible children 

Of the more than 8 million uninsured children in the United States, over 500,000 reside in Florida. Florida Covering Kids & Families targets the hundreds of thousands of state children eligible for health insurance, but currently not enrolled

FL-CKF also convenes the Florida Covering Kids & Families Statewide Coalition, a group with broad representation from Florida's agencies, organizations, key leaders from child advocacy groups, child care organizations, provider groups, private health plans, private coverage programs for low-income children, the business community, minority organizations, and numerous state agencies. The Coalition meets bi-annually in Tampa at the University of South Florida's Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies. Priorities of the Coalition include: access to and enrollment in Florida KidCare, maintenance of high level communication channels, and a focus on disparities within communities and how those local communities will approach the various population groups that need to be reached with messages about access and enrollment to Florida KidCare.

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