Bachelor's Programs

Second Bachelor's Degree Sequence


College of Nursing Progression Program Plan: Courses listed are published for information purposes only and may be subject to change. Course outline and progression per semester depends on admission semester. A personal program plan will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Term Planned Term Completed Grade
Semester One
NUR 3125 Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice 4      
NUR 3145 Pharmacology 3      
NUR 3026 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice 4      
NUR 3026L Nursing Fundamentals Clinical 4      
NUR 3066 Physical Exam & Assessment 2      
Semester Two
NUR 3535 Psychiatric/ Mental Health Nursing 3      
NUR 3535L Psych Clinical 3      
NUR 3215 Medical Surgical I 3      
NUR 3215L Medical Surgical I Clinical 4      
NUR 4216 Medical Surgical II 4      
NUR 4216L Medical Surgical II Clincial 5      
Semester Three
NUR 3826 Ethical/Legal Aspects of Nursing 2      
NUR 4169C EBP for Baccalaureate Nurses 3      
NUR 4636 Community/Public Health: Population-Focused Nursing 3      
NUR 4636L Community/Public Health Nursing Clinical 3      
Semester Four
NUR 4355 Child & Adolescent Health Nursing 3      
NUR 4455 Women's Health Nursing 2      
NUR 4467L Maternal & Pediatric Clinical 4      
NUR 4948L Preceptorship 6      
NUR 4827 C Leadership & Management (Includes 15 Clinical Hours) 3      

Approved by Faculty Council on 02.07.13 Curriculum update.

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