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Advances in cancer prevention and treatment have propelled the demand of advanced practice nurses in oncology. The Oncology Nurse Practitioner diagnoses and manages commonly occurring health problems of individuals with cancer. Practice has a strong focus on cancer prevention, psychosocial support, early detection, symptom management, and enhancing quality of life of individuals and their families. Graduates are eligible to sit for the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner (AOCNP) exam
Total credit hours: 45
Core: 12 hours
NGR 6121 Theoretical Foundations (3)
NGR 6737 Ethical, Legal, & Policy Issues in Advanced Nursing (3)
NGR 6800 Nursing Research (3)
NGR 6971 Thesis (3) or NGR 6905 Independent Study (3)
Advanced Practice Component: 15 credit hours
NGR 6140 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice (4)
NGR 6080 Health Promotion of Individuals, Families, and Populations (3)
NGR 6172 Pharmacology for Advanced Practice (4)
NGR 6002C Health Assessment for Advanced Practice (4)
Advanced Practice Specialty: 18 credit hours
NGR 6221 Oncology Nursing Concepts (3)
NGR 6220 Pathobiology of Neoplasia (3)
NGR 6240 Adult Health Care for Nursing Specialties (3)
NGR 6222L Practicum I in Advanced Oncology Nursing (3)
NGR 6223L Practicum II in Advanced Oncology Nursing (3)
NGR 6224L Practicum III in Advanced Oncology Nursing (3)