Residency Program

Dear Resident Applicant

Welcome to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency here at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine! It is my distinct honor to serve as the Residency Program Director for the inspiring group of physicians we have here in Tampa, Florida. Our residency has a strong reputation in the region with the goal of total commitment to excellence in resident training in obstetrics and gynecology.

Tampa Bay (Tampa and the surrounding beach communities) hosts a population of over 4 million people, providing our residency with a unique population that is perfectly balanced, not only ethnically, but also from an insurance payer mix standpoint. This is ideal for conducting the type of nationally generalizable and well-powered research our department is known for. Perhaps this is part of the reason why USF is one of the top ten fastest growing research universities in the country!

Our residency has full, continued accreditation with the ACGME through 2019, but we are constantly re-evaluating our quality measures and strive daily to deliver a well-organized, responsive, educational program that meets the needs of our learners. The stability and success we’ve enjoyed is also largely due to the residents themselves. We have twenty residents, five per class, who exhibit the kind of character and scholarship required to achieve our goals. Our application process takes into account USMLE scores, previous research activity, letters of recommendation, community activities, and overall academic performance with accompanying dean’s letters. We are fortunate to receive hundreds of applications annually, and using an objective scoring system, we invite the most competitive medical students to interview for the 5 intern spots.

The USF OB/GYN residency is special for many reasons. Our faculty members are talented innovators who come from all parts of the globe. The residents present a very high quality journal club every 6 weeks during protected academic time with strong attending support. The preparation for this resident presentation is structured by a validated worksheet and includes one-on-one mentoring from faculty and staff with advanced degrees in statistics and medical research providing the residents with a unique Journal Club experience. Our Morbidity and Mortality conferences truly provide the best of both worlds, in that, we offer both a traditional ABOG Board style with open questions from the faculty as well as a more structured style that focuses on one case with literature review and root cause analysis. USF offers an adolescent clinic experience, a breast clinic experience, and an Ultrasound rotation, none of which are explicitly required by ACGME, but are areas of patient contact we feel are vital in developing the best possible OB/GYN’s.

We encourage and give support to all of our residents to attend at least one national conference during their residency. In addition, we provide full financial support for residents to attend other conferences if they present research or posters at these conferences.

In the PGY4 year, we offer a rotation in the second half of the year that allows residents to create their own schedule to address procedures and patient scenarios they feel they need more experience with. In addition, we now offer a research/away rotation experience in the third year that also sets us apart. Based on the proposals submitted in the fall, the third years are allotted protected time to carry out their proposals either in basic science or other forms of research. Since adopting this, we have had two residents participate in externships that were instrumental in securing their Gynecologic Oncology fellowships this past October (with more than a little support from our recently organized Ingram-Spellacy USF OB/GYN Alumni Society).

It’s a very exciting time to be at the University of South Florida! Tampa is a beautiful, vibrant city with award winning beach communities a short drive away. If you are looking for an outstanding comprehensive residency training experience, then we are looking forward to hearing from you!

James M. Palmer, MD, MS
Residency Program Director
Assistant Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine