Obesity, Diabetes & Aging

About Us

Barbara Hansen, PhD

Title: Professor of Internal Medicine
Director of Center for Preclinical Research
Department: Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
E-mail: bhansen@health.usf.edu
Details: Dr. Hansen is the Director of the Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Research Center of the College of Medicine and Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of South Florida Tampa. Her research has addressed the physiological, cellular, and molecular defects underlying the development of obesity and diabetes mellitus and their prevention, as well as the long-term prevention of diabetic complications. Dr. Hansen has developed nonhuman primate models of obesity, the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and diabetic complications, and these models are applied to studies of the underlying mechanisms of these disorders, their natural history, and their mitigation/treatment and prevention by pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical approaches.

Sadaf Aslam, MD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Internal Medicine & CTSI
E-mail: saslam@health.usf.edu
Details: Dr. Aslam is in clinical research education, training and administration at the Morasni College of Medicine and at Tampa General Hospital. She has worked as a full time researcher at the ODARC in the past and now collaborates with Dr. Hansen on various projects related to Diabetic Nephropathy in non-human primates.

Mary Lee (Yanhua Peng), PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Faculty Member of Obesity, Diabetes & Aging Center
Department: Internal Medicine
E-mail: mlee11@health.usf.edu
Details: Dr.Lee obtained her PhD in molecular virology, and had posdoc training in immunology, cancer biology and drug discovery. With Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, she has worked on the mechanisms of obesity induced metabolic disorders for 5 years. Additionally , she has established two liver macrophage Kuppfer cell lines which have been licensed to pharmaceutical industries and academic institutes in the world through University of South Florda.She recently moves in the Department of Internal Medicine, Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Research Center. Her effort is discovery innovative approaches for cure and preventing obesity and osbeity induced diseases.

Ellen Linden, BS, RN

Title: Research & Animal Laboratory Supervisor
Department: Internal Medicine
E-mail: elinden@health.usf.edu
Details: Ms. Linden has been working in diabetes and obesity research since 2004. She currently coordinates all care and studies of the longitudinal characterization of the non-human primate colony for the Obesity, Diabetes, and Aging Research Center. Her current focus has been to establish a clinical classification system of obesity in non-human primates and to further define diabetes and its progression in rhesus monkeys. Her career goals consist of pursuing a Doctors of Nursing Practice degree (DNP) in 2013.

Jennifer Newcomb, MS

Title: Data Manager
Department: Internal Medicine
E-mail: jnewcomb@health.usf.edu
Details: Ms. Newcomb has earned her master's degree in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2000 and has been working in a lab setting ever since. She joined the Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Research in 2007. She is primarily responsible for managing the master data set which spans over 30 years, data analysis, and assist with the preparation of posters and presentations for scientific meetings.

Sufia H. Khan, MD

Title: Research Assistant (Volunteer)
Department: Internal Medicine
Details: Dr. Khan is an International Medical School Graduate, eager to apply her knowledge of medicine toward research of Diabetic Nephropathy. Currently Dr. Khan is in the process of taking Step 3 USMLE, and preparing for residency interviews around the country.

Jensen Walker, MS

Title: Lab Technician
Department: Internal Medicine
E-mail: Jwalker4@health.usf.edu
Details: Ms. Walker recently got her masters in biomedical sciences from USF in 2012. She is currently applying her bachelor of science in Food Science and Human Nutrition to the calorie restriction study with the Obesity, Diabetes, and Aging Research Center. Ms. Walker also assists with daily care of monkeys, analysis of daily food intake and weights, and experimental protocols. In addition to her current position she has been accepted into the 2013 fall Class of Dentitry at University of Florida.

Hector Acevedo, LPN

Title: Lab Technician
Department: Internal Medicine
E-mail: hacevedo@health.usf.edu
Details: Mr. Acevedo is currently a License Practicing Nurse and has obtained his Associates of Science in Medical Technology in 2011. He is pursuing his bachelor of science in biology at St. Petersburg College and aspires to continue his education to the PhD level. He has been working at the Obesity, Diabetes, and Aging Research center since 2011 and is responsible for the daily care of primates, technical performance of experiments, and distribution of specimens to collaborators.