The Stephen K. Klasko Institute
for an Optimistic Future in Healthcare

Where ideas are born

Here at The Stephen K. Klasko Institute for an Optimistic Future in Healthcare, ideas are born. Some of them are crazy. Some of them are impractical. But some of them just might become the answers to how we can help you become healthier. Think of us as an incubator for innovations that can transform health care.
Stephen K. Klasko Institute for Healthcare Transformation
Stephen K. Klasko Institute - Mission and Vision
Photo of Megan Voeller
Art for
Health Professionals
Art curator Megan Voeller is leading the first project of the Klasko Institute: Research shows that teaching clinicians high level art skills improves “visual literacy.” Those clinicians make more observations when diagnosing a patient.
Bringing Science
Drawing on informed research and critical analysis of programs nationwide, we’re empowering people touched by chronic disease to live optimistically and to create a new model for chronic disease education and care.
Bringing Science Home
PaperFree Florida
We created the PaperFree Florida partnership to serve as an advocate, educational resource and trusted advisor to physicians committed to incorporating electronic health records and other health information technology advances into daily patient care. Together we will modernize and re-imagine how healthcare is delivered now and into the future.
USF Health
Cardiovascular Institute
The USF Health Cardiovascular Institute is where patients, doctors and students benefit from the latest developments in heart health. It's a place where advanced heart procedures and therapies are not just practiced -- they’re developed, honed and transformed into powerful, individualized solutions for fighting heart disease.
USF Health Cardiovascular Institute