City of Knowledge - Panama
USF Health - Office of International Programs

City of KnowledgeThe City of Knowledge is an international complex for education, research, and innovation, and was developed to "promote and facilitate synergy between universities, scientific research centers, businesses, and international organizations." Centrally located on the banks of the Panama Canal, the City of Knowledge, located on the former Fort Clayton military base, has the facilities and support essential to foundation of programs of excellence in education, research, technological development and innovation, while encouraging and promoting integration of institutions, businesses, and programs. It is a goal of the City of Knowledge to become a place in which people from various backgrounds, students, professors, scholars, scientists, and business people alike, can come together for the sharing of ideas and the exchange of knowledge.

Key advantages for the USF Health International Foundation in Panama at the City of Knowledge include:

  • Abundant biological and socio-cultural diversity
  • Support services for scientific research and technological innovation
  • Access to the country's main higher education and scientific research centers
  • Access to the Panama Canal Watershed, a living laboratory for scientific research and the innovation of technology in the management of highly complex tropical ecosystems
  • Telecommunication, information, and educational technological services, including a center for teleconferences, education at distance and high-speed Internet connections
  • An international center of telecommunications
  • A Point of Presence - POP - on Campus with access to the land portion of the 5 submarine fiber optics cables that cross Panama (PAC, SAC, ARCOS, Pan-American and MAYA)
  • Housing and food services for students and faculty

USF Health International Foundation in Panama develops health programs that complement existing Panamanian academic courses and research. These programs:

  • Educate leaders and practitioners for the health professions across the Americas
  • Develop and generate funding support for the University of South Florida/City of Knowledge for collaborative research projects that span basic science, clinical investigation, community intervention, and translational studies towards improvement in population health
  • Link education and research in their application through community engagement, including extended field experiences for USF Health students, partnerships with international and humanitarian agencies at the City of Knowledge, and advocacy for needed health improvements in the region.