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The BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic is a student-run free clinic located at the University of South Florida right next to the University Area Community. BRIDGE stands for Building Relationships and Initiatives Dedicated to Gaining Equality. Our goal is to create a health facility where patients are treated compassionately and cared for through the collaboration of medicine, physical therapy, social work, public health, and pharmacy providers. We believe a healthy community is a prosperous community, and we will work alongside the people of the University Area Community to improve their well-being.

Shelby Kent, Sam Crane, Waldo Guerrero, Omar Hammad
BRIDGE Founders

Michelle Blanco, Jason Ricciuti, Michellle Rosario, Sarah Williams, Bruna Zanolini
BRIDGE Directors


News & Events

BRIDGE is now participating in the UNDY run/walk fundraiser!

The UNDY run/walk is a family-friendly charity 5k to raise awareness about colon cancer, screening, and prevention. Our partnership with the UNDY organization has provided us with grant money that has funded over 15 colonoscopies for our patients in the last year alone!

Here are ways you can help:

  1. You can sign up as a walker/runner- go to our Bridge Clinic team website and click on left side of page where it says JOIN TEAM.
  2. You can make an online donation by clicking on right side of the Bridge Clinic team website where it says Click to donate to BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic.
  3. You can send in a donation by mail, by making out a check to The Colon Cancer Alliance and sending it to: The BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic, 30270 USF Holly Drive, Tampa, FL 33620. (Please include your name, email, and address).
  4. You can volunteer at the run/walk on February 7th; please indicate your interest by sending an email to and sign up on our Bridge Clinic team website as above.
Building Relationships and
Initiatives Dedicated to
Gaining Equality