welcome to the
BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic

The BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic is a student-run free clinic located at the University of South Florida right next to the University Area Community. BRIDGE stands for Building Relationships and Initiatives Dedicated to Gaining Equality. Our goal is to create a health facility where patients are treated compassionately and cared for through the collaboration of medicine, physical therapy, social work, public health, and pharmacy providers. We believe a healthy community is a prosperous community, and we will work alongside the people of the University Area Community to improve their well-being.


BRIDGE Founders

  • Shelby Kent
  • Sam Crane
  • Waldo Guerrero
  • Omar Hammad

Medical Directors

  • Kristen Prewitt, Executive Director
  • Andres Santayana , Communications Director
  • Mayssan Muftah, Financial Director
  • Camila Cabrera, Medical Director
  • Emily Goodwin, Operations Director
  • Chelsea Kesty and Kevin Hong, IT Coordinators

Pharmacy Directors

  • Lalita Rayaprolu
  • Sonnia Zambrano
  • Kristina Dogoda

Social Work

  • Chelsie Harris
  • JJ Beggs
  • Sara Rhode
  • Gillian Penn