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Why Us?

Because we will make your life better. With USF Health, you have nearly 900 highly specialized health care professionals behind you, fighting for your health. As part of an academic medical center, we can give you the most current medicine, treatment and cure available, an advantage few other physician groups can offer. How big of a difference is that? Let us show you.

Why academic medicine?

  • Because of discovery: Nearly every medicine, treatment and cure we know can trace its origin to an academic medical center.
  • Because of access: Academic health centers, on average, provide nearly $44 million in uncompensated patient care each year.
  • Because of expertise: Academic medical centers offer a higher concentration of highly specialized physicians.
  • Because of economic impact: Academic medical centers often rank among the largest employers of their region and pay more than $430 million in annual payroll.
  • Because of YOU: Studies show that patient outcomes are better at academic medical centers. As the best advocate for your own healthcare, YOU are choosing the expert physicians who will care for you and your family, and the best outcomes come from academic medical centers.

Why YOU benefit from the USF Health

What separates USF Health from other multi-specialty practices in the Tampa Bay area is that it is part of an academic medical center, a connection that benefits both patients and the community it serves.

National studies show that patients tend to fare better at academic medical centers, which typically treat some of the sickest patients and toughest medical cases. In addition, patients have access to the newest treatments that are provided by clinics and hospitals linked to a college of medicine. And the communities served by an academic medical center feel a huge economic impact due to a center’s hiring, buying and building power.

The value of having USF Health, the region's only academic medical center, to the well-being of the Tampa Bay community is huge.

More discovery: Academic medical centers and their affiliated clinical sites and hospitals are where scientific discoveries are translated to care at the bedside.

More education: Academic medical centers and their affiliated clinical sites and hospitals are where the next generation of physicians and health care professionals are trained every day.

More economic impact: Academic health centers, on average, receive more than $101 million in annual funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance biomedical research.

Facts specific to USF Health:

We are the only academic medical center on the west coast of Florida.

We are a team of more than 900 health care professionals, an integrated multi-specialty group offering expertise in 30 different specialties.

USF Health serves patients from throughout Florida - even some from outside Florida - but most come to USF from the 15-county region surrounding Tampa.