Reconfigurable Classroom Management

Shared Student Services provides wall, table, and chair setup for the following reconfigurable classrooms at USF Health:

Auditoriums MDA 1209, MDN 1096, and MDL 1003 

Group Learning (GL) Classrooms (MDL 1028-1038)

The daily setup scheduled is generated based on the room reservations in 25Live, and thus does not require an additional request process. In order to provide the highest quality service, we ask that 25Live room reservations be made at least 24 hours in advance so the Classroom Setup Team can anticipate demand and schedule accordingly. Each classroom will require roughly 10 minutes of setup time.

*Please note: The Classroom Setup Team is not responsible for AV/IT setup. For AV/IT assistance, please call the IS Help Line: (813) 974-6288.

After Hours Setup

  • Operating Hours for the service are Mon- Fri 8:00am-5:00 pm.
  • Room setup outside of these hours will be the responsibility of the event host
  • The key and crank which operate the mobile walls can be checked out and returned to the Front Desk of the WELL from 7:00am-10:00pm.
  • Anyone operating the reconfigurable walls must successfully complete an online training module prior to checking out the key or crank. The online tutorial may be completed at the Front Desk at time of pick up or through the online module at If completing the tutorial at time of pick up, please arrive at the Front Desk 10-15 minutes before your scheduled event time.
  • Key and crank must be returned immediately upon setup completion.

Contact Us

For IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE with classroom setup, TEXT our Help Line: 813-333-5601.

For setup requests, general inquiries, or concerns please email or

Reservation Guidelines

  • If you would like a room divided, book in sections (e.g. MDA 1209 A, 1209 B, 1209 C)
  • If you would like a room combined, book as a whole (e.g. MDA 1209)
  • If there is any confusion over whether or not what’s booked in 25Live accurately reflects your needs, please reach out to for clarification.

Room Configuration

All seating will be set to the standard configuration below (stadium style) unless otherwise requested.

Please reach out to directly to request alternate seating arrangements. Please note: we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Requests will be approved according to team availability and the volume of setup for each day.

Meet the Team


Emily Meyer
Operations Manager


Kailey McCain
Operations Assistant


Kyle Nonnenmocher
Operations Assistant

Standardized Event Start & Stop Times

To successfully institute this service, anyone reserving these reconfigurable rooms must adhere to standardized start and stop times for their events. The standardized start and stop times require all events to start on the hour or half hour, and end on the: 20 or: 50 minute mark. This will allow for a ten minute transition time for our Classroom Set Up staff to raise or lower walls, and set up tables and chairs to the standard layout for each reconfigurable room.