Center for Personalized Medicine & Genomics to Liggett Lab


Grant Support

These grants support the work of the Liggett laboratory:

  • NIH R01 HL45967: “Molecular Properties of Beta-Adrenergic Receptors in Asthma.” S. Liggett, PI
  • NIH R01 HL71609: “Basis of Variability of Lung GPCR Signaling.” S. Liggett, PI.
  • NIH R01 HL091490: “Lung HRV: G-Protein Coupled Signaling Interactions in Asthma.” S. Liggett, PI.
  • NIH U01 HL65899 “Pharmacogenetics of Asthma Treatment.” S. Liggett, Beta2 Project; S. Weiss, Program PI.