Undergraduate Studies

Transfer Students


The College of Public Health welcomes you to the University of South Florida! As a new student to the University and to the College, it is important that you review each of the following steps below.

Register for Orientation

You must register for a transfer orientation via the orientation website. If you have chosen one of the other regional locations as your home base (or location) and would like to be a Public Health major, you would first need to apply for a change of location.

Orientation is mandatory for newly admitted USF students.


There are NO prerequisite courses required for the Public Health Undergraduate degree.

Transferable Courses from Community College

  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition

How to Have Courses reviewed for Transfer

  • Earning an AA degree from Florida state college will exempt students from enhanced gen ed. core requirements.
  • If you’ve taken a public health class that you think may count towards major, please provide a syllabus for advisor to review.

Can I do a pre-health track with this major (PT, MD, etc..)?

Please check the Public Health Canvas page for more details.


Once accepted to USF, you have the opportunity to meet with a public health advisor to learn about the college, the major and create a class schedule. When you are pre-advised you have the privilege of registering for classes before your orientation session.

Contact Your Advisor

Contacting your advisor prior to orientation will allow orientation to move in a more timely manner and give you one on one advising. ALL students in the College of Public Health MUST attend Orientation and the College's overview regardless if you have met with an advisor prior to orientation.

To make an appointment visit our Advising page.

Making Changes to your Schedule