Student Organizations

College Wide Student Organizations

Delta Omega

Delta Omega

Delta Omega is the honorary society for graduate studies in public health. The society was founded in 1924 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. There are currently 100 chapters throughout the United States and abroad.

USF Infectious Disease Association’s (IDA)

USF Infectious Disease Association

The USF Infectious Disease Association’s (IDA) has as its mission to promote the understanding of infectious diseases through guest lectures, student presentations, field trips and group discussions. All students are welcome to participate in association activities. Meetings are generally held bimonthly and include guest lectures, group discussions, student presentations and organization business.

Public Health Student Association (PHSA)

Public Health Student Association

The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) represents graduate student interests in the College of Public Health and encourages the active participation from its members in developing community public health awareness. It is also the purpose of PHSA to encourage the interaction of students with faculty and staff so students may have some impact over program matters, knowledge of educational opportunities and guidance in directing their public health careers.



The MCHSO is an organization open to all USF students who are interested in the well-being of mothers, children, and families. Our mission is to 1) Educate and increase awareness of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) issues and projects within the U.S and abroad; 2) Connect students with service and learning opportunities in MCH; 3) Create opportunities for mentorship and learning among alumni and students of the University of South Florida (USF); and 4) Provide opportunities for interaction among students interested in MCH, as well as MCH faculty and staff. MCHSO hosts a monthly lecture series, coordinates social events, participates in service learning activities, and convenes an annual symposium on MCH Related Topics. You can find us on Facebook at USF Maternal and Child Health Student Organization!

Undergraduate Public Health Student Association (UPHSA)

Undergraduate Public Health Student Association 

The Undergraduate Public Health Student Association (UPHSA) is the only undergraduate student organization representing the College of Public Health. The purpose of this organization is to enable students of the undergraduate level to participate in Public Health and be able to interact with Faculty and Staff regarding Public Health Disciplines.