Strategic Plan


The Strategic Plan is intended to be a living plan. It will be used as a guide for what we do and how we do it. We will measure, assess our progress, report and revisit as needed. A data dictionary has been created to guide consistent reporting from year to year.

research developement

  • Transforming

    the MPH Degree Program

    Goal: The USF COPH will provide an MPH education that is integrative, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary, while allowing for flexibility based on prior learning and professional development goals.

    Objective 1: The USF COPH will offer the transformed MPH curriculum by 2022.

    Objective 2: USF COPH MPH and MSPH students will complete the transformed Core sections within three semesters of matriculation.

  • Translating

    Translational Research

    Goal: The USF COPH will be known as a leader of interdisciplinary, transformational research.

    Objective 1: The USF COPH will create a forward-thinking infrastructure that supports innovative and interdisciplinary team science and promotes a positive research culture at all levels.

    Objective 2: USF COPH researchers and research findings will be readily accessible to the public, policymakers, health care providers, consumers of health care, advocates, and other researchers.

    Objective 3: The USF COPH will engage the community in developing research consistent with the College’s research expertise and the community’s needs and priorities.

  • Enhancing

    System Capacity

    Goal: The USF COPH will be recognized as a leader in promoting public health system capacity locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

    Objective 1: The USF COPH will, through state-of-the-art technology, provide continuing education, formal education, and training opportunities to the public health workforce, domestically and abroad.

    Objective 2: The USF COPH will provide public health educational activities for the general public, in Tampa and beyond.

    Objective 3: The USF COPH will leverage partnerships and strength in key international markets to develop a continuum of education and training programs.

    Objective 4: The USF COPH will serve as a resource for education, training and the practice of public health for the State of Florida.

  • Our People

    Our Culture

    Goal: The USF COPH values inclusiveness and respect for all people. We will accomplish this through our culture, curriculum, research and service by continually fostering an environment within the College that embraces diversity, a sense of community, collegiality and life-long learning.

    Objective 1: The USF COPH is committed to offering development opportunities for our faculty and staff in an effort to ensure their ongoing professional growth and success.

    Objective 2: The USF COPH is committed to developing leaders who will shape the future of the College and the profession.

    Objective 3: The USF College of Public Health is committed to building a strong sense of community among its faculty and staff through on-going programs designed to foster professional relationships and connectivity to one’s colleagues while reinforcing the values of the College.

    Objective 4: The USF COPH supports faculty, staff and students in fulfilling their professional goals while contributing to the mission and overall success of the College continually building a diverse community with a Global perspective.

  • Sustainability

    Develop & Maintain

    Goal: The USF COPH will develop and maintain academic and financial practices and a physical environmental that will ensure the sustainability of the College through 2022 and beyond.

    Objective 1: The USF COPH will implement sound financial strategies that will contribute to the sustainability of our College.

    Objective 2: The USF COPH will provide an environment that allows us to successfully recruit, enroll, support and graduate students.

    Objective 3: The USF COPH will ensure our facilities provide an optimal environment for working and learning.