Social Marketing Group



The mission of the University of South Florida, Social Marketing Group at the College of Public Health is to help public sector organizations effectively apply social marketing in order to improve health outcomes and life circumstances. Central to this mission is to foster a successful transfer of skills into public sector organizations so they may independently apply social marketing and sustain a consumer-orientated organizational structure.

About the Social Marketing Group

30 Years USF College of Public Health

The University of South Florida, Social Marketing Group at the College of Public Health (SMG) was developed in 2007 to continue and enhance USF's reputation as the academic leader in social marketing and public health including social marketing education and training, applied research, market strategy formation, and program development.

SMG manages all social marketing training and continuing education for USF Health including the Social Marketing in Public Health Conference, the Social Marketing Training Academy, the Social Marketing Field School and the Graduate Certificate in Social Marketing program.

Other SMG services include social marketing research, strategy development, program development, and program implementation and monitoring. Among these services is support for creative and production services associated with social marketing, health marketing, and health communication.

SMG offers opportunities for applied research and scholarly advancement of social marketing and public health for faculty and graduate students focused on community-based, consumer-driven, public health and public sector initiatives.