Study Design & Data Analysis Center

Grant Application

The main function of the center is to provide assistance with grant applications and data analysis. The services include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as co-investigator of each research team, providing statistical design for grant applications
  • Provide sample size calculation and power considerations for each proposal
  • Work on the data analysis plan for each project based on the research question and study hypothesis

There are different funding agencies including the NIH, NSF, CDC, PCORI, and local foundations. The first and key issue for all grant applications is the study design. Two types of designs: observational study (case-control, cross-sectional and cohort study), and clinical trials (parallel design, crossover design, adaptive design, factorial design, patient preference trial, superiority trial, non-inferiority trial, and equivalence trial).

We will work with you on the biostatistical design for your project based on your research questions and study hypotheses. Sample size calculation is a necessary component of all grant applications. We calculate the sample size according to your study design and evidence. Most grant proposals request a statistical analysis plan. For clinical trials, this plan must be submitted before a trial is conducted and cannot be changed without permission. The center will provide the data analysis plan for your proposal according to different study designs,  outcome measures, follow-up times and data types (binary, continuous, time-to-event).  

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