Office of Research

Research Administration

Research Administration involves the entire life of a sponsored award. The life of a sponsored award usually involves three stages: pre-award, post-award and closeout.

The pre-award stage begins when a sponsor requests proposals (bids) to perform a specific task or a commitment to researching a specific topic. This involves calculating the anticipated costs for the task or study in preparing the budget for the proposal and confirming the availability and level of effort of the principal investigator and various staff required.

The post-award stage begins once the award has been granted to the University of South Florida. This involves setting up the award in the USF system and monitoring the expenses posted to the study, as well as periodic preparation and submittal of technical reports, if required.

The closeout stage involves the preparation and submittal of final technical reports, identifying any pending expenses that belong on the award but that have not been posted, and preparation of the final financial reports.