Office of Research

Award Management

Award Negotiation

  • Assist principal investigator and University’s Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) with negotiation of project scope and deliverables, budget, invoicing, and reporting requirements, as needed.

Award Management

  • Review award document including terms and conditions and reporting requirements.
  • Prepare Grant Budget Release and Subaccount Establishment Forms to request project chartfields and allocate funds to appropriate budget categories.
  • Assist principal investigator with initial and subsequent adjustments to payroll distribution.
  • Assist principal investigator with budget transfers.

Subrecipient Agreements

  • Assist principal investigators with development and/or modification of subrecipient agreements.

Prior Approvals

Assist with obtaining prior approvals such as:

  • Change of grantee institution
  • Change of principal investigator
  • Budget revisions
  • Addition of subrecipient(s)
  • Extensions (Cost and No Cost)
  • Carryover requests

Financial Management Services

  • Set up and maintain new project files.
  • Perform or assist with financial administration on every award.
  • Prepare monthly reconciliation reports for each project.
  • Assist with interim financial report and invoice reconciliation.
  • Review/monitor vendor and subrecipient invoices.
  • Review travel authorization and expense reports.
  • Review purchase requisition requests and p-card charges.
  • Assist with preparation of payment request forms and budget transfers.
  • Monitor interdepartmental charges.
  • Assist Principal Investigators and department staff with grant issues.
  • Track program generated income and cost share.
  • Perform financial compliance services on project expenditures.
  • Assist with final financial report or invoice to sponsor.
  • Perform project financial closeout.
  • Assist with “after project end date” activities including audits.
  • Reference Resources.