Office of Research

Service Animal Training Therapy

PTSD service dogs are a type of psychiatric service dog. Psychiatric service dogs are as legitimate as any other type of service dog, such as a mobility assistance dog, seizure alert dog, or “seeing eye” dog. PTSD service dogs can be trained to perform any number of disability-mitigating tasks, including:

  • Retrieving medication
  • Turning on lights and waking up their handler if he or she is having a night terror
  • Searching the home to alleviate symptoms of hyper-vigilance
  • Guiding their handler home during a dissociative episode
  • Initiating tactile intervention when a handler experiences sensory overload
  • Grounding their handler during a flashback

The College of Public Health does not participate in any service dog therapy training and there are no volunteer or paid opportunities to work with any service dog therapy providers in the Tampa Bay region through this program.      

Organizations in Florida Offering Service Animal Training Therapy