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Workplace Programs 

The following are examples of Workplace Programs that have been implemented and shown to be effective with employers.

Types of workplace programs:

  • Webinar/Seminars- on topics that can include nutrition education, basic colorectal cancer facts, and a combination of other health information related to the topic.  
  • Biometric Screening Events- an opportunity to add education about CRC screening into basic screening at your workplace.
  • Wellness/Health Fairs- a table dedicated specifically to CRC. A toddler training potty can be used to demonstrate the ease of using a FIT test, along with flyers/brochures/other incentives.
  • FluFIT Campaign- along with a traditional Flu Shot Campaign, based upon eligibility, individuals can receive a FIT test. Find out more about how to set up this type of event here:
  • Inflatable Colon- The inflatable colon is an interactive educational tool that allows individuals to walk through and learn about the different stages of colorectal cancer. The dimensions of the inflatable colon are 12’ Tall, 12’ Wide, and 10’ Long.


Mythbusters - CRC Screening Presentation, This narrated presentation provides general information about colorectal cancer, screening options, and provides a question and answer format so viewers can test their knowledge about the topics covered in the webinar. Once you download the presentation, each slide has narrated information, and you can move along at your own pace.

Your Plate Matters - Seminar or Webinar: This presentation provides information on healthy eating and nutrition for colon health. It can be done as an in-person seminar, or as a webinar. Additionally, there is an accompanying presentation "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" that allows employees to test their knowledge about the topics they covered in this presentation.

FPRC YouTube Page The team at the Florida Prevention Research Center has created a short web series on correcting various colorectal cancer myths.  

The College of Public Health at the University of South Florida is the parent organization for the Florida Prevention Research Center. The work accomplished here was supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cooperative agreement number 1-U48-DP-005024 through 2019.